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Posted by Jennifer on May 28th, 2019

is-it-safe-kittenYou’re going to be a kitten foster parent, congratulations! You are a hero! If you found kittens, be sure to read our “What to do when you find kittens” first. Caring for underage kittens is a selfless act that saves kitten lives. Kittens without their mom cat will not survive without a human like you!

Learning proper care can be the difference between life and death for fragile tiny kittens! Simple things like knowing what to feed, how much and how often to feed, and how warm to keep kittens is critical.

While you’re reading these articles and watching the videos below, put the kittens in a safe place inside your home, closed away from other pets and children. One idea is to use a plastic storage bin with a folded sheet to pad and line the bottom, as towels can get snagged on tiny kitten nails. Make sure the room they are in is the right temperature for the age of kitten.

Figure out your kittens age and have photos to help you! The 2nd link also has the oh-so-important environment temperature.

How to feed and care for kittens

Now your kittens are safe and warm, so can take a half hour or more to educate yourself so you can properly feed and care for your kittens! Below are some of our favorite resources to help you care for baby kittens at any age, from one day old to several months old: – great how-to videos for bottle babies – helpful how-to articles

From our friends at Maddie’s Fund…

Articles and videos:

Comprehensive foster kitten care manual:

Supply list:

UC Davis Guide to Raising Underage Kittens

If you’ve read and watched all that, now you’re on your way to being a kitten foster superstar! Once your kittens are healthy and two pounds, you can get them spayed and neutered and find them new homes. Rehome is here to help you with that! Read on…



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