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Posted by Jennifer on May 1st, 2016

Updated February 4, 2019 with new data — but PLEASE NOTE because of changes made to the search functionality in 2019 after this, please refer to our 2020 article for the most up to date data.

Wondering which breeds to choose? This can help!

If you’re trying to make a decision when selecting a breed for a pet’s listing on, consider using the closest match to one of the top searched-for breeds — see our lists below! Of course be truthful, but instead of just “Terrier mix (Unknown type, small)” if the pet might be a Yorkie and Chihuahua mix, pick one of those two breed as the 1st breed instead. Why? Most people using search by breed: 63% of dog searches and 50% of cat searches select a breed. More people seeing your pets means more chances at a great home!

Data from 2019 and historical data below that!

From January 1, 2019-February 4, 2019
(~13 million searches on

20 Top Searched Dog Breeds

1 German Shepherd Dog
2 Labrador Retriever
3 American Pit Bull Terrier
4 Golden Retriever
5 Chihuahua
6 French Bulldog
7 Corgi
8 Dachshund
9 Husky
10 Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier
11 Goldendoodle
12 Australian Shepherd
13 Shih Tzu
14 English Bulldog
15 Pomeranian
16 Boxer
17 Pug
18 Labradoodle
19 Maltese
20 Beagle


20 Top Searched Cat Breeds

1 Maine Coon
2 Siamese
3 Sphynx
4 Russian Blue
5 Ragdoll
6 Bengal
7 Munchkin
8 Persian
9 British Shorthair
10 Siberian
11 Scottish Fold
12 Domestic Shorthair
13 Domestic Longhair
14 American Shorthair
15 Exotic
16 Himalayan
17 Balinese
18 Norwegian Forest Cat
19 Birman
20 Abyssinian



The search data below was compiled from September 1, 2015 through March 1, 2016 from 60,751,681 dog and cat searches run on

Top Searched Dog Breeds on

1. Yorkie
2. English Bulldog
3. German Shepherd Dog
4. Chihuahua
5. Labrador Retriever
6. Shih Tzu
7. Golden Retriever
8. Husky / Siberian Husky
9. Maltese
10. American Pit Bull Terrier
11. Pug
12. Poodle (Toy or Tea Cup)
13. French Bulldog
14. Pomeranian
15. Goldendoodle
16. Dachshund
17. Boxer
18. Labradoodle
19. Rottweiler

Top Searched Cat Breeds on

1. Maine Coon
2. Siamese
3. Munchkin
5. Persian
6. Ragdoll
7. Bengal
8. Siberian
9. Sphynx
10. Himalayan

You may also be interested in seeing what other pet characteristics are most-searched for too, including color, sex, and coat length, check out those rankings here.

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