2015 Grant Recipient: Seminole County Animal Services

Posted by Jennifer on February 3rd, 2016


Adopt-a-Pet.com’s mission (and passion!) is to help homeless pets find loving homes. Thanks to our corporate sponsors and individual donors, one way we help animal shelters and rescues in their amazing pet-saving work is with grants for veterinary costs, so pets in their care can get the veterinary care they need to become healthy and adoptable – and then Adopt-a-Pet.com can help them find loving homes!

Congratulations to Seminole County Animal Services! they are a $1,000 grant recipient from the 2015 Adopt-a-Pet.com Veterinary Care Fund. We are so moved by the amazing lengths shelters and rescues go to give homeless pets a chance at getting healthy so they can be adopted. Below is their grant application detailing how this grant  will change the life of a pet or pets in their care.

See photos at the end!

Seminole County Animal Services 
Sanford, FL

A Veterinary Care Fund Grant in any amount $500-$2,000 would change the lives of several pets in our care. I’ll tell you about  2 great dogs under vet care currently at our shelter. Samuel is a Lhasa Apso who came in in need of a dental and he also had eye issues. He got his dental and several teeth were removed to relieve the pain he was in. Samuel  is currently being treated for a severe eye ulcer and we are seeing how he responds to medication before making the decision to remove the eye or not. Once that is all resolved he will be put up for adoption. Goldie is an awesome 6 year old Great Dane who came into the shelter full of fatty tumors and heartworm positive. We have had her spayed and had some of the tumors removed and she is awaiting the start of her heartworm treatment. If awarded the Veterinary Care Fund grant the money could/would be used for a number of different things. Heartworm treatment (which we are not funded for but do receive donations to do this), eye surgeries, skin issues, broken limb repair and tumor removals , just to name a few.

Photos attached of Samuel, Goldie, Rena, Pikachu and Pando/Oliver, and Joe Dirt.

Rena came into the shelter having been hit by a car. A surgery where pins would be put into her broken leg to repair it was the only thing recommended to save her leg.  Since Rena was a young dog not even a year old, we wanted to save her leg. With excellent vet care, and having recovered from surgery Rena is now ready for adoption.

Joe Dirt is a Siamese cat that came into the shelter filthy (thus the name) full of worms, thin and he developed an upper respiratory infection. His photo online caught the eye of a potential adopter in Vermont (We are in Florida). After a lot of conversation back and forth and Joe getting the care he needed to heal and be strong enough to be neutered, arrangements were made for him to actually be adopted and move to Vermont. I am happy to say Joe is now with his new family in Vermont and the photo is of him enjoying life in his new home.

Pikachu came into the shelter unable to bear weight on her right rear leg. X-rays revealed that she had previously had a pin put into her leg that was causing her pain as well as a torn cruciate. Pikachu’s owner was found but she decided to surrender her to the shelter unable to give her the care she would need. So Pikachu had  cruciate repair surgery,  and the pin that was causing her pain was removed. She had several weeks of physical therapy and once able to use her leg she was adopted into a wonderful home where she enjoys her daily walks and a very active lifestyle with her new owners.

Pando now named Oliver was an older dog. He was 8 years old when he came into our shelter but we  thought he was highly adoptable because even though he was a senior he was a very gentle special dog. He underwent surgery to be neutered and suffered complications after the surgery. He had a bleeding disorder which involved extensive vet care and rest just to get through the recovery of his surgery. Once recovered he was adopted by a wonderful couple who then had him trained as a certified therapy dog. Now Oliver has a job and a new home and he is loving his retirement years.


Adopt-a-Pet has helped our organization by being an awesome tool to help people view and get to know our adoptable pets.  We get dozens of calls a week from people asking about the pets they have seen on the Adopt-a-Pet site. Also the notifications people get when looking for a specific breed is fantastic. This gives people a heads up when just the pet they have been searching for becomes available. I can’t even begin to count the number of wonderful pets we have adopted out thanks to the Adopt-a-Pet site. Also the “We have found you a volunteer” emails we receive has resulted in numerous volunteers for our shelter that may not have ever come our way had it not been for the Adopt-a-Pet site.

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