2015 Grant Recipient: The Rabbit Haven

Posted by Jennifer on July 31st, 2015


Adopt-a-Pet.com’s mission (and passion!) is to help homeless pets find loving homes. Thanks to our corporate sponsors and individual donors, one way we help animal shelters and rescues in their amazing pet-saving work is with grants for veterinary costs, so pets in their care can get the veterinary care they need to become healthy and adoptable – and then Adopt-a-Pet.com can help them find loving homes!

Congratulations to The Rabbit Haven! they are a $1,000 grant recipient from the 2015 Adopt-a-Pet.com Veterinary Care Fund. We are so moved by the amazing lengths shelters and rescues go to give homeless pets a chance at getting healthy so they can be adopted. Below is their grant application describing how this grant will change the life of a pet or pets in their care. Photos at the end!

The Rabbit Haven
Scotts Valley, CA

Describe how a $500, $1,000 and/or $2,000 Veterinary Care Fund grant will change the life of a pet or pets in your care. Note: Do not wait to hear from us to give a pet veterinary care! If you are a grant recipient, the funds can be used for veterinary costs at any time.

The Rabbit Haven is an all volunteer, non-profit organization focused on helping the under-served rabbit population. We save many rabbits from certain death at over-crowded shelters. We take in injured and abandoned rabbits from the community and shelters. Many of these rabbits have serious injuries that require surgical intervention and others require testing, x-rays and procedures to help meet their needs. The Rabbit Haven is often the last chance for these rabbits. If we do not help them they simply would not be able to survive.

We also take in many rabbits that are nutritionally deprived and need medical support care from our Haven team to help them regain their strength and health. All of these medical conditions can be managed with financial support through public donations and grant support (such as this Adopt-a-Pet.com Veterinary Care Fund request) and the Haven volunteer network. Once the rabbit recovers, we then use our highly successful adoption program to find a permanent home so the rabbit can experience the joy of a loving, human bond.

Veterinary expenses (which exclude spay/neuter costs) are the highest contributor to rabbit-specific expenses incurred by The Rabbit Haven. We propose to use the grant funds to establish an “Adopt-a-Pet.com Matching Grant Challenge” pool that would match gift donations from the public for specific veterinary cases, dollar-for-dollar until the grant funding is exhausted.

We will effectively turn your $500, $1,000 or $2,000 funding into a medical expense pool valued at twice the grant amount to help at-risk rabbits! With a $2,000 grant, we anticipate being able to support fundraising for 4-8 serious medical cases during the next 12 months. Each matching challenge could draw between $250 and $500 from the challenge pool, but we double this amount with matching donations from our generous followers.

We will designate rabbits using this challenge grant funding via special web postings for specific situations requiring expensive testing, surgical procedures, and/or ongoing care. We find that some people like to donate when there is such a challenge, since their gift is doubled through separate sponsorship. Each fundraising post would explicitly acknowledge Adopt-a-Pet.com as providers of a matching gift, thus encouraging donors to contribute to the financial needs required to cover emergency and life-saving veterinary expenses where the health and welfare of rescued rabbits are involved.

Medical care is provided by qualified, rabbit-savvy veterinarians who significantly increase the rescued rabbit’s survival rate. The Rabbit Haven uses its medical foster program for post operative and medical follow-up support; then its highly successful adoption program helps to secure homes for the rabbits once they are determined to be fully healed and ready for adoption. Then the rabbit is placed in a loving, permanent home. A great outcome.


Attach one or more photos of the pet(s) who will benefit from the grant, and/or photos and stories of pet(s) who benefitted from veterinary care provided by your organization in the past. We love before and after photos! We have so many more stories we could share with you!

We have three stories to share: Kiwi is a very recent rescue, in desperate need of lifesaving dental work. Pasha and Alexandri are two examples of the many rabbits we saved by providing medical care and then adopting them into forever homes. These are just three of the many bunnies that we help through the provision of rescue and lifesaving medical support. With your grant, we can save even more!

KIWI – We currently have Kiwi, a sweet lop boy. Kiwi was abandoned and rescued by The Rabbit Haven – He suffers from tooth injuries that will require surgery soon. He has a horrible malocclusion that is preventing him from eating properly. He is going to the vet as soon as possible for a dental exam and eventual incisor extraction. This procedure and x-rays range from $600 to $1,000! However, without the surgery he will not be able to eat and he will perish. After his surgery he will return to health, thrive, and be able to be adopted. It will take a few months of care and then he can be happy for the rest of his life! He is such a loving bunny. Photo shows a close up of Kiwi’s tooth injuries, and a picture of the beautiful bunny that he is.

Rabbit-Haven-Kiwi1 Rabbit-Haven-Kiwi2

PASHA was a just a baby when he was rescued from a local shelter. He made it in just in time as we found a plastic netting collar that had been tied on both sides literally strangling him and additional injuries. The collar was so tight that the plastic had grown into Pasha’s neck skin and was preventing him from being able breathe or eat properly. In addition the collar had slipped under one leg (probably when he tried to get it off) and the netting (like fishing line) was preventing him from using the leg. There was a large gash under his leg due to the cutting edge of the plastic. He also suffered horrific bite wounds on his side and back. He had to have been in great pain and it is a wonder he survived. Following numerous surgeries, he required daily wound cleaning wrapping and multiple medications. Even with all he went though, his strong will to live helped him heal and make a remarkable recovery. The photos below show him after his first surgery, and six months later in his “ready for adoption” picture. Great news… Pasha was adopted into his permanent loving home!

Rabbit-Haven-Pasha1 Rabbit-Haven-Pasha2

ALEXANDRI is another baby bunny that was found in a family’s backyard being chased by a cat. The people were able to gather the baby and brought her to The Rabbit Haven. Alexandri was lethargic, dehydrated and near death when she arrived, and could barely hold her head up. She was only about 3 weeks old when she had her first surgery to clean the cat bite wounds on her neck, shoulder, and back. She needed a total of five surgeries to remove necrotic and infected tissue and repair the bite wounds. But after 2 months of intensive medical management and physical therapy, she was bright eyed, active, and full of life. We are happy to report that Alexandri was adopted into her forever home.

Rabbit-Haven-Alexandri1 Rabbit-Haven-Alexandri2


If Adopt-a-Pet.com has helped your organization, tell us how.

While we have not yet received financial support from Adopt-a-Pet, we actively post our available adoptable rabbits on the Adopt-a-Pet website. Thank you! We are getting even more views! We greatly appreciate the exposure provided to potential adopters through your website!


Thank you for your consideration! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated to offset their veterinary costs and save the lives of rabbits in need.

Sincerely yours,
The Rabbit Haven

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