Grant Recipient: OC Animal Care

Posted by Jennifer on January 9th, 2014

Congratulations to OC Animal Care, they are a $1,000 grant recipient from the 2013 Veterinary Care Fund! We are so moved by the amazing lengths rescues and shelters go to give homeless pets a chance at getting healthy so they can be adopted – and think you will be too! Here’s how this grant will change the life of a pet or pets in their care. Photos are at the end!

OC Animal Care
Orange, CA

Describe how a $1,000 Veterinary Care Fund grant will change the life of a pet (or pets) in your care:

OC Animal Care is a large open intake facility, that takes in thousands of pets yearly.  In 2011, we started a Medical Pets program.  Our Medical Pets program targets adoptable pets who come in as strays or owner surrenders, that need surgical care beyond our capabilities that rescues do not come for.  This program gives us a chance to save injured pets that we would normally have to euthanize.  In most cases, the pets have fractures that need surgical intervention, but we have had other more challenging cases this year.  One case involved a dog that somehow swallowed nine sewing needles that moved from the stomach to all of his other organs, including his heart.  ( you can see a cool video of him at ) This resulted in two surgeons having to perform surgery on him and a $9500 veterinary bill.  Our county run facility does not have the means to help these pets.  We depend 100% on donations from people who love animals.  We spend many hours of our time promoting these animals on social media, so we can save them.  These donations are collected by our foundation (Noble Friends Foundation for OC Animal Care) and used to pay the participating veterinarians.  This program is very uplifting to our staff and our volunteers love fostering and rehabilitating the medical pets.   In our first year, we raised $15,000 through our foundation and were able to help 12 animals.  In 2012, we were able to raise $26,000 and were able to help 25 animals.  This year we have been very busy, so far we have helped 49 animals this year and have spent over $45,000 in outside medical services.  We hope to be able to continue this program by raising more money and be able to help more pets.  We are a large county facility that services 17 cities.  Unfortunately, we get hundreds of injured/abused and neglected pets.  The more successful the program is at raising funds the more pets we can help.  We have been outreaching to many veterinarians in the area in hopes of finding more that can help us with reduced/donated surgical costs.  We are proud of our program and how successful it has been and how many wonderful furry lives we have saved and found new forever homes for.  Thank you for considering us for this grant.


 I have included several photos and success stories.  You can read about most of our pets on our Facebook Page under OC Animal Care.  I have also included a collage of the pets helped in 2011 & 2012.  We look forward, this year, to making up the 2013 collage with at least 50 pets on it. 



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