2012 Grant Recipient #8: Krazy For Kats, Inc.

Posted by Jennifer on August 7th, 2012

Congratulations to Krazy For Kats, Inc., the 8th $1,000 grant recipient from the 2012 Adopt-a-Pet.com $20,000 Veterinary Care Fund! We are so moved by the amazing lengths rescues and shelters go to give homeless pets a chance at getting healthy so they can be adopted – and think you will be too! We’re sharing the recipients’ stories here on our Shelter Blog. Here’s how a this grant will change the life of a pet or pets in their care:

Krazy For Kats. Inc.
Woodland Hills, CA

Here are a few of the lucky rescues that were saved from Krazy For Kats and adopted into new homes!

Meet ISIS – a  pretty oriental tortie found beat up and suffering from horrific skin inflammation and dermatitis due to an infestation of ear mites, fleas and mange! She has scratched most of the hair off of her head and body due to the intense itching.  Isis also had severe mastitis and her mammary glands were swollen shut so she could not feed her newborn kittens. 3 babies already died when we found her and 3 were barely alive.  She was such a tiny girl no more than 7 months old! When Isis was brought to Krazy for Kats, I did not even recognize her as a kitty, but those pretty Cleopatra eyes caught my attention and with much care and medical treatments I nursed her back to health.  I used to hold her on my bed with a heating pad to open her mammary glands to nurse and I even made her a body suit out of my ski socks to protect her from scratching herself!  Her medical treatments cost $$$, but it was so worth it when a lovely woman came to adopt Isis and called her the “prettiest kitty she had ever seen!”  We still keep in contact and she sends us regular updates on her improvements!

Blackie was a sweet boy recently saved from the streets and had to have surgery due to deep abscess wounds from cat bites.  These wounds were so infected the vet had to cut open his entire right side of his body to clean them out!  Thankfully he made a great recovery and after his hair grew back we found him a great new home without other cats to fend off!

Although we are a cat rescue, we do not hesitate to save other animals such as dogs, bunnies and birds that are strays or lost!

2 years ago I found my newest mascot of Krazy For Kats!  A black and white spotted Chihuahua which we named Dal-Chi (short for Dalmatian/Chihuahua which is what he looked like!)  Dehydrated, malnourished and only weighing a few pounds, I saved this little guy from being hit on the busy streets.  Dalchi quickly became fast buddies with all the kittens and is now loves to meet the new adopters! He called the “Cat-Dog” because he likes to be around his feline friends more than other dogs!

Rescue work relies on donations and volunteers willing to put their time and energy into saving lives. It is sometimes a thankless job and many people just expect us to take in their unwanted pets. Krazy For Kats also helps the local shelters with the newborn kittens that come in each year.  People bring these tiny babies in boxes, blankets and the latest person had them tossed in a dirty garbage bag and demanded I get rid of them NOW or he would kill them himself! I just only hope people understand the importance of spay/neuter laws one day…

In order for my rescue to stay afloat, I have refinanced my home to continue to take care of the kitties and pay for expense out of my pocket.  We are currently waiting for our 501-C3 is approval this year so we can ask for larger donations like the bigger rescue organizations. Until then, we will continue to help our feline friends and post them for adoption on great sites like yours.  We would greatly appreciate your consideration for a grant from Adopt-a-Pet.com so that we can continue to do our part in the animal community!

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