What’s new at Adopt-a-Pet.com in January

Posted by Jennifer on January 9th, 2012

What’s New at Adopt-a-Pet.com in January!

Reminder: Sam’s Club Rebate deadline is January 25th!
The 25% savings on Purina products at Sam’s Club ended December 31st, and we’d like to remind all of you who took advantage of the savings that you must mail in your receipts as well as the completed reimbursement form BEFORE January 25th, 2012 to get your reimbursement check! You can download the reimbursement form and the address to mail it to at www.samsclub.com/purinaanimalwelfare


What new features would help you?
Our mission here at Adopt-a-Pet.com is to help you find pets loving homes. We’re always looking at how we can do that better, faster, and more efficiently. Our 2012 wish list is full of great ideas for new features that many of you asked us to make available in your shelter admin area, or as part of the public Adopt-a-Pet.com website. We’re working with our programmers on many of them already, but would like to know: Are there any great time-saving or pet-saving features that you’d like added to Adopt-a-Pet.com? Please let us know in an email to jennifer@adoptapet.com


Adopt-a-Pet.com sent 1,000 Through a Dog’s Ear CDs.
We’re proud to report that Adopt-a-Pet.com teamed up with our animal-loving sponsors at Bayer and with Through a Dog’s Ear to support the production of 1,000 music CDs. Through a Dog’s Ear is a clinically researched classical music series that helps reduce canine anxiety issues, often causing animals to show better in a kennel environment. Having sent one CD to 1,000 randomly selected Adopt-a-Pet.com shelters and rescues, we are thrilled to hear how much the beautiful, soothing piano music (that calms people as well as dogs!) has helped reduce barking, enhanced the atmosphere, and in some cases even increased adoptions!

If your shelter or rescue did not receive a CD, and you are a non-profit facility that temporarily houses five or more dogs for adoption that has a music system of moderate quality or better, visit the Through a Dog’s Ear’s Shelter Program to fill out an application to receive a two CD set donation. There is a $5 shipping charge.


“Like” us on Facebook so you don’t miss out!
Sometimes we have (or hear of and share) immediate opportunities that we post on our Facebook page that we don’t want you to miss! Like last week we posted offers for donated calendars, free pet music to download, and more. So make sure to click “like” at the top of www.facebook.com/Adoptapetcom


Need Food Donations? Purina Pets For People May Be Able To Help!
Purina’s support of animal welfare takes the form of Animal Welfare Support programs for non-profit organizations, described in detail on www.PetsforPeople.com. Their programs such as; Pets for Seniors, Pro Plan® Rally to Rescue® and the Purina ONE® PetWelfare Program are dedicated to providing support for local animal welfare organizations in their efforts to find homes for adoptable animals.

Occasionally the Nestlé Purina PetCare Company may have food donations available in your area. When you register your organization on www.PetsforPeople.com you will be automatically considered for any food donations that become available near you. During 2010, Purina donated more than $13 million in pet food and litter. In addition, should your organization be affected by a natural disaster, Purina may be able to provide food to help feed your organization’s animals during your time of need.


And, of course… 
As always, we thank the wonderful, pet-loving people at Purina and Bayer Animal Health for supporting all of us in our mission and making Adopt-a-Pet.com a free service!

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