What’s New at Adopt-a-Pet.com in November?

Posted by Jennifer on November 7th, 2011

Save 25% on Purina Products at Sam’s Club!
From October 1st, 2011 to December 31st, 2011 Purina® will reimburse 25% of your shelter or rescue’s total Purina ® product purchases made at Sam’s Club (up to $1,000) as well as a one-year $35 Sam’s Club business membership if you aren’t already a member. Participation is easy! In order to receive reimbursement, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit your local Sam’s Club from October 1st, 2011 – December 31st, 2011
  2. If you’re not already a Sam’s Club Member, sign up for a Business Membership in-Club (save the receipt) and Purina® will reimburse the $35 fee.
  3. Buy any Purina® products (save the receipts) at Sam’s Club, up to $1,000, using the same Sam’s Club membership number.
  4. Go to www.samsclub.com/purinaanimalwelfare to fill out and mail in a reimbursement form and all your receipts. Purina® will reimburse 25% of your purchases, up to $1,000. (Note: PO Boxes not accepted. US addresses only. One form per organization only. Tax ID not required.)
  5. Check your mailbox in 6-8 weeks to find your reimbursement check from Purina® and Sam’s Club.

Visit www.samsclub.com/purinaanimalwelfare for more info!


New way for adopters to email you, on your pets’ pages
You asked for it, and we’re adding it! Many of you have told us you’d appreciate a way for potential adopters to fill out an adoption application and/or pre-application screening form online. Among other things, we’ve heard a form would help reduce the number of unnecessary of emails that you receive, saving your valuable time.

As the first step in offering this form, if you’ve indicated that YES you want to show the public to see your email address, you now see a basic “contact this shelter” email form on each your pet details page, along with the public email address you’ve entered. (Note: if you have selected “Phone Number Only” the form and your email do NOT appear). You can change your contact settings instantly on your “My Shelter/Rescue Info” page.

With this small change, we don’t anticipate you’ll see much if any change in the number of emails you receive. But you may notice that the emails you receive from potential adopters directly from Adopt-a-Pet.com look a little different, and include a link to your pet’s detail page, so you can very quickly see which pet they are emailing you about. We hope that small change is helpful, while we get ready to offer you a customizable form in the future!

We love feedback! Please let us know what you think at http://www.adoptapet.com/cgi-bin/shelter/feedback-suggestions.cgi


Dog & Cat Behavior Help for Your Adopters & Fosters!

We have posted so many articles on our public blog about dog and cat behavior over the years! So that we thought it would be helpful to you, our shelters and rescues, if we created a dedicated a shelterblog article with links to some of the key dog and cat behavior help tips, in an easy-to-access format: a list of links. You can then quickly find the topic you’re looking for, and send the link or print out the article to share with your new adopters or fosters that need that specific kind of help with the dog or cat in their home. You’ll find it here: http://www.adoptapet.com/shelterblog/2011/11/dog-and-cat-behavior-help-for-new-adopters-fosters/

If you have any suggestions for new topics you’d like to see covered, let us know by emailing jennifer@adoptapet.com. We are happy to share the collective knowledge we all can offer, to help adopted and foster pets stay happy and IN their homes.


A reminder from Bayer Animal Health: Lost Pets Need Your Help!
Every year, millions of pets get lost and many without proper ID are never returned to their families. We know how hard you all work for the lost and found pets that come through your doors. We’re excited to tell you about the new LinkedforLife™ community designed to link animals to a lifetime of love! The goal is to help reunite lost pets with their families and to help find more great homes for animals in need.

How It Works

Among many other supportive features, LinkedforLife™ sends online lost pet alerts out to clinics, shelters, registered pet lovers and social media communities. In addition, an aggregation of all lost pets reported in your area is captured in a gallery format so that you can reference it in the event you come across a lost pet. This community is free for all pet owners to use. It was created by Bayer’s resQ® microchip in an effort to create awareness for pet identification and pet adoption. This is a powerful tool in helping lost animals get back to their families and keeping adopted pets in happy homes. We know this will support all the great work you do and we hope we start to see an increase in lost pets finding their way back home.

What You Can To Do to Help

By registering at the Lost Pet Command Center now, you’ll start receiving the alerts. Let’s keep working hard together so that we can see a day when every pet has a happy home – and stays there! Please register today.



Congratulations to the latest winners of the Veterinary Care Fund grants!

Congratulations to the latest winners of a $2,000 grant from the Purina Veterinary Diets® Adopt-a-Pet.com Veterinary Care Fund! Read their grant applications and see the photos of the animals these  grants will be helping here:http://www.adoptapet.com/shelterblog/2011/06/veterinary-care-fund-grants/ A new grant will be being awarded each week over the next 5 weeks, so you still have 5 more chances. If you haven’t applied yet, you can do so using the link above.

We are so moved by the amazing lengths rescues and shelters go to give homeless pets a chance at getting healthy so they can be adopted. We’re sharing many of the submissions (not just the winners) on our shelter blog, so you can see new ones added each week here: http://www.adoptapet.com/shelterblog/category/veterinary-care-fund/



Need Food Donations? Purina Pets For People May Be Able To Help!
Purina’s support of animal welfare takes the form of Animal Welfare Support programs for non-profit organizations, described in detail on www.PetsforPeople.com. Their programs such as; Pets for Seniors, Pro Plan® Rally to Rescue® and the Purina ONE® Pet Welfare Program are dedicated to providing support for local animal welfare organizations in their efforts to find homes for adoptable animals.

Occasionally the Nestlé Purina PetCare Company may have food donations available in your area. When you register your organization on www.PetsforPeople.com you will be automatically considered for any food donations that become available near you. During 2010, Purina donated more than $13 million in pet food and litter. In addition, should your organization be affected by a natural disaster, Purina may be able to provide food to help feed your organization’s animals during your time of need.


And, of course…
As always, we thank the wonderful, pet-loving people at Purina and Bayer Animal Health for supporting all of us in our mission and making Adopt-a-Pet.com a free service!


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