Grant Submission: A Tail at a Time

Posted by Jennifer on September 6th, 2011

We’ve received so many wonderful submissions for the Purina Veterinary Diets® $50,000 Veterinary Care Fund! We are so moved by the amazing lengths rescues and shelters go to give homeless pets a chance at getting healthy so they can be adopted – and think you will be too! So we’re sharing some of the submissions, and all of the recipients’ stories here on our Shelter Blog. Here’s how a $2,000 grant would (or, in the case of our recipients, WILL) change the life of a pet or pets in their care:

A Tail at a Time, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY

We are a New York City animal rescue group that takes in dogs and cats from the city animal shelter, New York Animal Care & Control, and friendly cats and dogs from the streets. We also TNR outdoor feral cats. Our biggest expenses are veterinarian bills. Almost all of the animals that come from the city shelter suffer from either infectious diseases that they have encountered at the shelter, or from injuries or illnesses that they have contracted while living outside. Below are examples of some of the animals for which we have incurred large vet bills.

Mr. Mouse, is a pure bred two year old Japanese Bob Tail, so we can’t imagine how he ended up living outside. He contracted the virulent form of calici virus while living on the streets. When we saved him from the euthanasia list at the city animal shelter, his nose and mouth were covered with terrible sores. Mr. Mouse spent two and a half months at the vet recovering from the calici virus. There were many times when we thought he would not make it. When he was moved to a foster home, he still had a persistent cough that worried us. A throat culture showed bordetella. He is now on a three month course of antibiotics. Throughout all of this, Mr. Mouse’s wonderful spirit has helped him stay alive. Mr. Mouse has two people who are interested in adopting him, however we are still waiting to see if the antibiotics can finally bring him to a state of good health so that he can have a permanent home of his own.

Mr. Mouse Before Mr. Mouse Now

Every summer during the height of the kitten season we take dozens of kittens from the streets and from the city animal shelter. Frequently the kitten’s eyes are so badly infected that they develop corneal ulcers. We use an expensive viral eye drop called Trifluridine Ophthalmic drops. It can usually stop the viral infection, and help prevent further damage to the cornea. If the infection is not caught in time, the eye must be surgically removed at a cost of $500.00. The cost for each kitten treated can be from $94.00 to $188.00 depending upon how long it takes to eliminate the infection.

Lola Before Lola Now

We also rescue older cats from the NYC animal shelter and like to provide dental care for them. This increases their chances of being adopted and ensures that they are not living in chronic pain. Almost all cats tend to develop dental decay over time. Recently, we saved Bosco, who is a seven year old, wonderfully sweet cat from the euthanasia list. We spent $375.00 on dental work, which included scaling and the removal of decayed teeth. We also currently have two FIP+ cats. Providing regular dental care for FIP+ cats is an essential component of keeping them healthy as they are more likely to have dental problems. Earlier this year our vet gave Candy and Francis a dental cleaning and last week we found a permanent home for these two wonderful cats. We are so happy that their long stay in foster care is finally over.

Bosco Candy & Francis

Thank you.

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