Baby Kittens, from Found to Adopted

Posted by Jennifer on May 28th, 2019

found baby kittens

Baby kittens need our help!

In spring and all summer long, shelters in many communities are flooded with tiny baby kittens. Well-meaning people find kittens outside and bring them to shelters, thinking that’s the best thing to do. Sometimes it is! Very often though, there are better options. Many shelters do not have the resources to care for underage kittens. Most shelters have limited resources, and may be forced to euthanize newborn kittens right away. The good news for abandoned baby kittens is there is often an alternative to overwhelmed shelters, and it could be you!

Three articles to help you if you find kittens:

1. What to do when you find kittens – read now

2. Baby kitten care guide – read now

3. How to find kittens new homes – read now


or download as a pretty printable PDF booklet


Raise your paw to help save baby kittens! 

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