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Posted by Jennifer on May 28th, 2019

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If you found kittens, followed your local laws, and fostered them until they are ready to be adopted, you are a kitten hero! We are here to help you find your fostered kittens new homes.

First, get the kittens spayed and neutered. A female kitten can get pregnant when she is just 4 MONTHS old, having kittens when she is just 6 months old herself! Most vets will neuter boys at 2 months old and girls from 2-3 months old, as long as they weigh at least 2 pounds. If you need help finding low-cost or free spay/neuter, ask your local shelter or rescue for referrals.

Next, you can ask your friends and family if they want to adopt one or two of your kittens. Two kittens together is double the fun and they will keep each other happy too. Be sure any adopter understands the time and care kittens and cats need, and that they are ready for a likely 15 to 20 year commitment. Indoor-only homes will keep your kittens (and birds) safer and healthier, too.

If your friends and family aren’t able to adopt, you can make a profile for each kitten on Rehome. Rehome lets you post your kittens on for adopters near you to see and apply to adopt them. Signing up for Rehome is easy, and Rehome is free for you to use. All you need to get started are photos of your kittens, some basic health and behavior information, and a bio that describes each kitten’s personality. Once you’ve saved your kitten’s profile, it will be reviewed and published. You will soon begin to get applications from potential new families.

Kitten Rehome Listing Tips

* Take 4 great photos of each kitten. Pro photo tips:

  1. Use a solid color background, light for dark kittens, bright color for lighter-color kittens. You can drape a bed sheet over the kitten bed, then be ready to take photos of them in their bed just as they are waking up! Or use a bed sheet on the floor of a brightly lit room.
  2. Bright indirect daylight is best.
  3. Stand with the light source (window) behind you, so kitten is illuminated.
  4. Dangle a toy and move it up near your camera to get kitten to look into the camera.
  5. You will likely need to take 50 photos to get 4 good ones.
  6. Try taking photos just as kittens are waking up, so their eyes are open

* Add a video. It only needs to be a 20 to 30 second video you take with a phone, showing the kitten being cute, playing, and being pet by a person.

* Keep checking your email inbox so you can respond to questions and applications promptly.

Get Started listing your kittens on Rehome at


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