Tips for foster volunteers to help get their fosters adopted

Posted by Jennifer on July 6th, 2016

Are your foster volunteers asking you how they can help get their fostered pets adopted? Here are some great tips we’ve collected from shelters and rescues who’ve told us these are ways their foster volunteers have helped to get their foster pet(s) adopted!

  1. Take new photos of your foster pet daily. Send the best ones each week to be posted on Check out our great pet photo tips here!
  2. Post your foster pet’s photos daily (or every few days) on your own social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) and ask your friends and followers to share.
  3. Take a video of your foster pet doing cute things, and add to and share on your social accounts. You can also upload many little clips to YouTube, and use YouTube’s free built-in video editor that will let you stitch them all together and add music to make one longer video. Find more pet video tips here!
  4. If you are fostering a dog who like being out in public, make a simple “ADOPT ME” bandana (like using a big white napkin and a sharpie marker) or buy one like the bandanas here on Amazon, or buy an ADOPT ME vest to wear every time they go out in public. Take your foster dog wearing the bandana or vest to dog-friendly places like outdoor cafes, pet supply stores, the local park.
  5. Make ADOPT ME “business cards” with the pet’s name and shelter/rescue contact info. Can be simple white thick paper cut into rectangles, or printed ones from a laser jet printer, or there’s inexpensive online business card printing too. Carry them with you everywhere and give to everyone you can!
  6. Make ADOPT ME color flyers with the pet photos and a few bullet points and the shelter/rescue contact info. Post at work, veterinary offices, pet supply stores, beauty salons (right on a mirror is fantastic exposure, or at the front desk) grocery stores, libraries, cafe front windows, or anywhere around town people will see them.
  7. Talk to people about the pet whenever you can! “Hi, nice to meet you! I’m fostering the most adorable pet, do you know anyone looking to adopt a ____.”
  8. Email all your contacts and ask them to spread the word about your awesome foster pet for adoption – include the pet’s photo and info, and attach the flyer.
  9. Name your pet after a celebrity, or find famous pets that look like your foster pet, or celebrities that have a pet that look like yours. Tweet/tag the celebrity mentioning the similarities. Celebs have retweeted/shared pets which helped them find a home!
  10. Post your about your foster pet on your local community’s website (like Nextdoor) or message boards.

Do you have tips that have worked for your foster volunteers? Email us at and we’ll add them here!

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