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Posted by Jennifer on December 25th, 2015

Shelter and Rescue Testimonials


If has helped your organization, tell us how…


Adopt A Pet is an important partner for networking our adoptable animals.  Adopt A Pet and its affiliation with other adoption sites gives our animals a great deal of exposure to potential adopters.  We love how easy it is to add new pets and the statics reports to show us which animals we need to concentrate our efforts on to make sure they aren’t overlooked in getting the good homes they deserve.

Haven Humane Society

Redding CA has helped PAWS save countless lives over the years. We have listed all our available animals on consistently since 2010 and it has resulted in many happy adoptions. Most of our adopters come to us after seeing our animals online; adoptable pet listings are an invaluable tool in saving lives.

PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society)

Philadelphia, PA


We love Adopt A Pet. Your site is a wonderful resource for shelters such as ours and we have our adoptable pets listed with Adopt A Pet embedded on our front page. The stat emails are great too…let’s us know what pets are getting seen…and others that may need a little help. We also love getting emails about potential volunteers! This is a wonderful resource.

Animals Can’t Talk Rescue and Adoption, Inc.

East Stroudsburg, PA


Adopt-a-Pet has helped our organization by providing an avenue to share our dogs and cats for adoption where they can receive so much more exposure than anything we can provide here in our rural setting.

Animal Advocates of Pearl River County

Picayune, MS has helped AFC by providing an online database that gives our adoptable animals access to thousands of views every month.  We receive applications for adoption, volunteer inquiries, and publicity from the thousands that view your website daily.  Thank You for continuing to provide this service for our Rescue, we appreciate the exposure.

Patricia Sherman

Lodi, CA


We received a $1,000 grant on 1/20/14 from Adopt-a-Pet for medical equipment purchases. This allowed us to equip our medical team to reduce treatment times and shorten the length of stay for adoptable pets. Adopt-A-Pet is an appreciated partner in our push to render compassionate care to all homeless pets in our service area.

Animal Allies Humane Society

Duluth, MN is the best website to use to get dogs adopted. Your website is the first website we go to upload pictures; we like that you can upload as many pictures of our dogs as we need. Adopt-A-Pet is a well known website with a great reputation. We are able to list important dog adoption information and not only can potential adopters search by breed but they can also search nationwide by up to a 250 miles radius. is user friendly not only for rescue organizations but also for people looking to adopt a rescue animal. It is extremely easy for adopters to search important breed information but also be able to search by category (i.e.: special needs dogs, bond repair, etc.). I feel that Adopt-A-Pet really tries to keep their potential adopters informed; they always have helpful links to blog articles and a YouTube channel with useful pet training as well as entertaining videos. You can tell that the people that work/volunteer with Adopt-A-Pet care about animals and want to help people connect with rescue animals nationwide. We also appreciate that if there is a specific category or breed of dog a potential adopter is looking for that might not be available at the time if search, then Adopt-A-Pet will send email updates when the adopters specific search criteria has a match. Plus Adopt-A-Pet has the most referrals, giving our rescue dogs the best exposure, more than any other pet adoption website!  Our goal at Saving Grace is the same as Adopt-A-Pet; find great loving homes for homeless pets.

Saving Grace and Her Furry Friends, Inc.

Davie, FL


We are very grateful for our partnership with Adopt-A-Pet! We post all of our animals on Adopt-A-Pet and receive inquiries on our adoptable animals almost daily.  Adopt-A-Pet allows us to reach potential adopters that may not know about our shelter otherwise.  We recently had a family drive from almost an hour away to adopt three beautiful kittens, Annie, Thumper, and Lilly that they had seen on Adopt-A-Pet!

County of Santa Clara Animal Shelter

Santa Clara, CA


Adopt-a-Pet has helped us adopt countless animals through your site. There is rarely a day that goes by that we don’t receive an inquiry about one of our pets from someone who has seen a picture on your site. In addition, the articles, links and information provided on your website help keep us abreast of new information and creative ideas we can use for fundraising, adoption events and outreach. Adopt-a-Pet has been invaluable to this organization and we thank you for all you do to assist all of us.


Franklin County Humane Society

Eastpoint, FL


Adopt-A-Pet is my favorite site to work with. I can input and upload information to your site in 20 minutes while it takes more than 2 hours for the same work on other sites. Thank you for making your site so easy and so fast!

Wharton County Stray Pet Outreach Team

Wharton, TX

Adopt-a-Pet has been instrumental in helping our rescue with adoptions. Many dogs have been adopted into fabulous homes because they were found on Adopt-a-Pet!

Moonracer No Kill Animal Rescue

Holmes Beach, FL


We receive a lot of emails from Adopt-A-Pet regarding our pets, and that helps us to find them forever homes much faster. There are also great ways to find volunteers, which we happily use. Also, we can easily connect our list of adoptable pets with our vet’s website, it transfers them automatically, which saves us a lot of time. And this is the only pet adoption site that allows us to do so.

AMA Animal Rescue

Brooklyn, NY


Adopt-A-Pet has helped Surrendered Souls Rescue by allowing us to post our adoptable dogs on their website. Many of our past adopters said they found our adoptable dogs on This site is a very valuable tool for our rescue organization. Thank you!!

Surrendered Souls Rescue

Tempe, AZ


Before using Adopt a Pet, our shelter focused on one pet search website. However, by utilizing Adopt a Pet too, we have greatly increased our adoptions. Approximately 40% of our inquiries are through this fantastic website and I think that shows how much of an asset Adopt a Pet is!

Germantown Animal Shelter

Germantown, TN


I wish we could tell just how many of our cats were found by their adopters through Adopt-a-Pet—we know it’s a lot! We have been linked up with Adopt-a-Pet for several years and all of our available cats can be found through your high profile and sophisticated search engine. Thank you for providing this service and giving our cats more exposure so we can save more lives and our cats can get out of the shelter and into homes more quickly!

Cat Adoption Team

Sherwood, OR

The Paris Animal Welfare Society has been using Adopt-A-Pet to promote our available animals from the very beginning. We’ve reached thousands of potential adopters through Adopt-A-Pet, and placed countless animals that otherwise would never have received that level of exposure. Additionally, the Adopt-A-Pet website is one of our main tools in finding useful information regarding animal care, training, and pet ownership tips. We frequently post links to the website on our Facebook account to help spread the information. The fact that Adopt-A-Pet provides all these services for free, makes them all the more valuable to our organization.

Paris Animal Welfare Society

Paris, KY


Adopt-A-Pet is the primary way people see the pets we are working to rehome.
We keep track of how people see our pets, as well as the emails we receive
from people expressing interest.  Adopt-A-Pet is by far the most common way
that our pets are seen.

Friends of Lafayette Animal Shelter

Lafayette, LA

Adopt-A-Pet has helped Last Chance Ranch tremendously by providing a reliable search engine to promote our animals available for adoption. Always reliable, up-to-date, it has helped us place thousands of animals.

Last Chance Ranch Animal Rescue

Quakertown, PA


Adopt a​pet is the page you land on when you click on our rotties tab on You have helped us advertise 100′s of our not so rotten rotties and helped us find them safe and loving forever homes!

Rotten Rottie Rescue

Gilbert, AZ


Adopt-A-Pet is one of a few on-line adoption websites we use. Bringing visibility to our adoptable dogs makes rehoming animals a viable possibility! Particularly to a small organization way out in the rural portion of Southern Arizona. Thank you!

Cochise Canine Rescue

Phoenix, AZ

Adopt-A-Pet has been a huge asset to our Rescue. Many adopters have seen our animals listed on Adopt-A-Pet and have fallen in love with their new furry family member. We love the fact that we can list multiple pictures and video of our animals. We also find valuable information in the Knowledge Center and have shared several topics on our Facebook page. Adopt-A-Pet is a great resource and we hope to take advantage of the new website option soon. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Freedom Rings Rescue

Sumter, South Carolina has helped our organization connect adopters with our rescued pets, allowing these pets to find loving, forever homes. also serves as a great resource for grant opportunities and adoption tips.

Save a Life Pet Rescue

Oviedo, FL

Pathways to Hope utilizes to list all program dogs available for adoption. The site plays a crucial role in informing potential adopters of the wonderful dogs they have the opportunity to bring home and make a part of their families. Since beginning operations in Southern California in 2008, Pathways to Hope has listed 150 dogs on and found homes for 99% of them.

Pathways to Hope

Santa Ana, CA

Adopt a Pet has helped Utah Valley Animal Rescue place many animals into wonderful forever homes. The exposure our pets get on your website has helped make so many connections between new owners and our pets!

Utah Valley Animal Rescue

Adopt a Pet was and still is our salvation in a huge collection of adoption sites that have become complicated and untenable.  You have kept it easy and simple with the feeling of adopting our pets as your primary concern. All of our inquiries come from adopt a pet now and we are truly filled with appreciation for your efforts on our behalf…don’t know what we would do without you~  And we are most appreciative of the opportunity to apply for a grant.


We are as You Are with Love for the animals,

      All of us at Camelot Puppy Sanctuary
McArthur, Ohio

Though we have not received financial assistance from Adopt-A-Pet, we have received assistance in significantly increasing the exposure of our incredible pets! It is relieving to know that our furry, loveable companions are getting out there and we know that Adopt-A-Pet’s assistance with this has turbocharged our increase in adoptions! It is especially helpful to get weekly statistic emails to see how we are doing. This past week our cuddly cats and dogs have almost 30,000 views! Thank you so much!

Saved Me, Inc.

Philadelphia, PA


Our pets’ details pages have been opened 5,371 time to date!! Additionally, we have received numerous volunteers as a result of the site. Adoptions and volunteers are critical to helping these buns find homes and adopt a pet is making it all possible. The ease of use to set up bunny profiles is a great help as well.

Harrisburg, PA


Adopt-a-Pet has helped us by allowing us to post pictures of cats available for adoption. Our cats get many more hits and views on Adopt-a-Pet than on any other sites, leading to great adoptions.

Heart and Hand Society, Inc.

New York, NY


Adopt-A-Pet has helped our organization by providing inspiration over the years that I have been involved in rescue of senior dogs. I know that this site makes a difference because I have selected dogs to foster/rescue directly from it.

President, Tails of Gray
Clayton, CA


Adopt-a-Pet has proved invaluable to Woofs and Books! Of our adopted pets, approximately 60% of the pets were adopted via adopters seeing the pet on Adopt-A-Pet! Our social media reach and marketing budget are fairly small compared to the large humane societies; yet, Adopt-A-Pet has provided a great avenue for our rescues to be adopted.

Woofs and Books

Noblesville, Indiana


The partnership between Houston Area Doberman Rescue and Adopt-a-Pet helps us to make thousands of people aware of HADR, its mission, its successes and our adoption-ready pets.  We could not reach so wide an audience without Adopt-a-Pet. Houston Area Doberman Rescue is grateful for your alliance and for this opportunity.

Houston Area Doberman Rescue

Cypress, TX


Adopt-a-Pet is our leading gateway to adoption and promoting our adoptable pets to find forever loving matched homes to our animals in need of families. The ease of linking our Shelter Manager system to feed our adoptable pets bio’s and status is easy to use and excellent in reporting. We love Adopt-a-Pet.

Montgomery County Animal Society (dba/Texas Animal Society)
Conroe, Texas


Adopt-a-Pet has been invaluable to us, not just as an advertising platform, but as a way to analyze the results of our efforts and keep abreast of shelter and rescue news. Thank you so much for the services, grants, and learning opportunities you provide, as well as for your time and consideration.

Going to the Dogs Rescue

Perry, N.Y.


At least half or more of our inquiries and applications come from the adopt a pet site, or they have visited the website prior to applying. Adopt A Pet is instrumental in helping us get the word out about our beautiful GSD’s!

German Shepherd Rescue of Central Texas

Dripping Springs, Texas


Adopt a Pet has helped us find furrever homes for our rescues and has provided a wonderful site for us to add to our own website. I can not thank Adopt a Pet enough for the help that has been provided to us in helping find our rescues wonderful homes! Adopt a Pet has made it so much easier for our rescues to be seen on not only the Adopt a Pet site, but so many other sites as well. Our rescues get the most views through Adopt a Pet.


Oak Hills, CA


Adopt a Pet has helped HPPL in finding volunteers interested in foster care so that more animals can heal with the human touch.  Once adoption ready, they can find homes through more Internet exposure.

Homeless Pet Placement League

Houston, TX


Adopt-a-pet has helped our shelter with adoptions.  We have had numerous families come to our shelter to adopt our dogs/puppies after they have seen our pictures on your site.  We are so glad to have your site to help get our dogs get publicized to find them new homes.

Chief Dog Warden

Henry County in Ohio


Since our adoptable pets have been listed on Adopt-a-Pet, we have seen an increase in the number of requests for more information about them.  This added exposure has particularly had an impact on the requests we have been getting on dogs we have listed. This has helped us maintain our adoption numbers at a time where we have been experiencing a drop in adoptions from brick-and-mortar adoption venues.

The Friends of San Martin Animal Shelter

Morgan Hill, CA


You have helped us by letting us post our adoptable in your website and try to find them a forever home after they are healthy and ready to go. We are grateful that you have such an amazing website to promote and advertise our animals for a second chance in life.

Animal Luvr’s Dream Rescue (ALDR)

Riverview, FL


Adopt a pet has made saving so many animals possible in offering free advertisements for our animals.  With out loving homes animals get lost waiting in shelters and rescues, or worst being put down because they can not attract a loving family.  Thank you for helping us find them their New Beginnings.

Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue

Sheridan OR


Adopt-a-Pet has made it available for those to contact us about adopting horses. Sometimes they may not find what they are looking for here but we garner a volunteer.

Horse Feathers Equine Center

Guthrie, Oklahoma


The Rescued Dog has found many helpful volunteers with “the volunteer search tool” on the Adopt-a-Pet website.  Since we are a 100% volunteer run organization, finding new volunteers is imperative for the life-saving work we do.  We love all the features within the volunteer search tool. The ability to narrow down or search for exactly what we need is simply amazing! Thank you Adopt-a-Pet for supplying so many tips and very valuable information in one location.


The Rescued Dog

San Diego, CA


Since we have started to use Adopt a Pet we have increased our local adoptions, finding great families for our furbabies. We also have found some great volunteers as well that signed up to help with our organization through Adopt a Pet. We are very happy and have stopped using other websites  all together.

Where Hope Lives Animal Rescue

Jamesport NY


Adopt A Pet has been amazing & we get a huge amount of inquiries form using this service. We are truly grateful!

Destiny’s Road Animal Rescue

Three Rivers, MA


We rely on Adopt-a-Pet to help us get word out to interested pet parents in Tucson, and around the world. Just a few months ago, an interested adopter found one of our kitties, and fell madly in love—thanks to Adopt-a-Pet! We worked through some pretty complicated logistics, as the adopter lives in Alaska, while we are in Tucson, Arizona. However, Beatrix is safe, snug and happy with her new mummy, all the way across the continent from where she started. While Beatrix isn’t the only cat we’ve been able to place through Adopt-A-Pet’s website, she did go the furthest.

The Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter and Sanctuary

Tucson, AZ is a wonderful resource for finding homes for our shelter animals. We have used your website for several years and have had great success in placing homeless pets into new forever homes. The site is also offers a wealth of information for pet owners as well as our staff.

Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc.

Staley, NC


Featuring our adoptable dogs on Adopt-a-Pet is one of the most successful ways of bringing them to the attention of potential adopters, and we can always tell when we just updated Adopt-a-Pet with new dogs or information by the number of fresh applications coming in. Thank you, Adopt-a-Pet for the wonderful service you provide to us and all the other rescues and shelters who share the same goal: Find homes for the wonderful animals in their care!

Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue

Mt. Airy, MD


Adopt-a-pet has helped us to promote our shelter dogs greatly.  Otherwise, they would not get any exposure. We use facebook and the local newspaper, but adopt-a-pet has increased our adoptions by 25% so far.  It is also very easy to use. Thank you for all that you do.

Hazlehurst Animal Shelter

Hazlehurst, GA


Adopt-a-Pet helps The Pet Rescue Center by showcasing our pets and making them searchable online.  Many of our applications come from the bios on Adopt-a-Pet. We are truly grateful to be an approved rescue on Adopt-a-Pet. We have a button on our website that goes directly to our Adopt-a-Pet page.

The Pet Rescue Center

Mission Viejo, CA


Adopt-a-pet has helped us immensely by providing a forum for us to showcase our adoptable pets. We get emails routinely through your portal inquiring about our adoptable pets, and requesting applications. So, you have helped us place pets since we began posting through your site, and that is the core of what we do!

Pet Helpers, Inc

Fairmont, WV 26554 helps our organization immensely. Our available dogs are posted on our website and we promote them on our Facebook page, but often that is not enough exposure. When we post dogs on our website through our software, they are simultaneously posted to These ads help drive traffic to our website and Facebook page. We wouldn’t be able to adopt as many dogs as we do without your help.

A Passion For Paws Rescue

La Jolla, CA


Adopt A Pet has been a tremendous help to our organization. We have embedded the adoptable pets link directly on our main page in order for our viewers to easily access the animals waiting for adoption.

We are Animals Can’t Talk Rescue and Adoption, Inc.

East Stroudsburg, PA


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