2014 Grant Recipient: ​Chins n’ Friends, Inc.

Posted by Jennifer on September 30th, 2014

Congratulations to ​Chins n’ Friends, Inc. they are a $500 grant recipient from the 2014 Adopt-a-Pet.com Veterinary Care Fund! We are so moved by the amazing lengths shelters and rescues go to give homeless pets a chance at getting healthy so they can be adopted. Here’s their grant application detailing how this grant will change the life of a pet or pets in their care. Don’t miss the photos at the end!

Chins n’ Friends, Inc.
Florence, KY

A $500, $1,000, or $2,000 would fund anywhere from 10-35 spay/neuter surgeries for rabbits and other small animals. We get upwards of 20 rabbit surrender requests per month. We do not adopt out rabbits that are unaltered. Most are surrendered at an age that the hormones have kicked in and they need to be altered as soon as possible.

Chins n’ Friends not only acts as a rescue/adoption organization, but also one that strives to educate pet owners on the small and exotic animals’ special needs. Small and exotic animal owners do not have the proper resources needed to care for their pets in local pet stores, aside from the animals themselves. Proper items are usually only available online. Therefor, we tend to get animals in very poor condition due to the previous owners lack of knowledge. We also pull from local shelters and humane societies. Shelters are not always properly equipped/staff properly educated on the needs/health of the animals. We usually pull small animals that are suffering from untreated URIs, skin conditions, malnutrition, etc. that must be treated as soon as they get to the rescue.

Example: Panda the guinea pig (picture attached) was recently pulled from the SPCA, and is undergoing treatment for a URI and deep inner ear infection.

Most chinchillas pictured (though not all) are from a group of 19 that came from a neglect/hoard case. The owner had them in a basement in overcrowded cages. They were breeding, and due to the owners not being able to sex them, continued to reproduce until everyone involved was overwhelmed.

The chinchilla pictured with the rabbit is Baby. She was a rescue who had her eyes removed. We had to call our vet and see him on the ride home from her previous home. She had a deep infection that was left for 1-2 years and eventually left her unable to open her eyes. She is now doing well and is a resident here as she requires bi-weekly eye cleanings and a special cage. She gets along with all the animals, and loves on any new baby who comes in a bit shy.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Chins n’ Friends

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