2014 Grant Recipient: Crosswinds Equine Rescue

Posted by Jennifer on August 29th, 2014

Congratulations to Crosswinds Equine Rescue, Inc., they are a $1,000 grant recipient from the 2014 Adopt-a-Pet.com Veterinary Care Fund! We are so moved by the amazing lengths rescues and shelters go to give homeless pets a chance at getting healthy so they can be adopted – and think you will be too! Here’s their grant application how this grant will change the life of a pet or pets in their care. Photos are at the end!

Crosswinds Equine Rescue, Inc.
Sidell IL 61876

Proof of our nonprofit status can be found at  www.cwer.org/non-profit-status.html or additional information provided immediately upon request. We are GFAS verified. ALL of our horses have extensive web pages, with their full training information, history, recovery, etc. you can view all adoptable at www.cwer.org/adoptable-horses.html

REQUEST #1: $500 grant request, NICO:

·         Horse’s name is Nico. Her rescue and full story can be seen at www.cwer.org/nico2.html

·         Medical need – Nico had a freak injury recently, as multiple horses got out of the pasture and were trying to squeeze into the barn aisle together. She gashed her neck badly on a stall latch, and needed immediate stitches and tetanus vaccination.

·         Of course, the urgent vet care was sought, using emergency funds on our credit card. The account has been paid in full.

·         Initial vet costs were $332.18, plus follow up care included additional oral and injury-site antibiotics, bandages, proud-flesh deterrent powder, creams, wound-safe fly repellents.


REQUEST #2: $2,000 grant request, VEIL:

·         Horse’s name is Veil. She has been starved at least twice in her young life to date; her story can be seen at www.cwer.org/veil.html

·         Medical Need – Veil has an extreme sinus infection which we have been battling since February 2014.  In horses, their sinuses do not drain like ours, and they cannot breathe through their mouths. Severe sinus infections can, literally, be deadly.

·         She has received 2 sets of surgical visits at Purdue, as well as a broad range of aftercare here at CWER. The surgeries found a cyst and a full blockage in a key sinus. The bone was drilled through to encourage drainage, but to date we have been unable to recover he fully.

·         We are just beginning a round of holistic herbal treatment in hopes of avoiding needing additional surgery.

·         “Just leaving it” is an option, but a cruel one. We cannot know her exact level of pain, but behavior shows signs of chronic head pain, depression, mild lethargy and an overall failure to thrive. Western medicine has been unable to solve it, and offers only a VERY invasive surgical option at this time.

·         Hospital and vet bills to date: $2,107.08

·         After care costs, added antibiotics, bandages, etc. approximately $125.

·         Herbal treatments from world renowned provider Silver Lining will be approximately $100/month for 2 months. If progress is seen, then additional steps may be needed to fully cure her.

·         We have raised public donations to date of $656.


A full $2,000 grant would repay the balance of the vet costs of $1451.08; repay the $125 to date and pay for the $200 in new herbals, for a total of $1776.08. The $224 balance, with your permission, would be used toward other vet care expenses incurred for other horses in the past 12 months; details and copies of bills will gladly be provided, or of course we would GLADLY accept a grant of $1776.08, or ANY portion of her expenses.


REQUEST #3: $1,000 grant request, SKEETER:

·         Horse’s name is Skeeter; she was ridden hard (endurance racing at 2) prior to being physically matured and has resulting nerve damage; her story can be seen at www.cwer.org/skeeter.html

·         Skeeter, initial exam to diagnose nerve damage                   $     36.00

·         Skeeter, acupuncture plan to recover nerve damage           $   450.00

·         Skeeter, chiro, exam, other diagnostics for nerve damage   $   250.00

·         Skeeter is a sweet, happy mare who LOVES people and loves to work. Sadly, she has muscle atrophy in her shoulder due to nerve damage from being ridden hard prior to physically maturing and without being fit. We have seen some progress in muscle improvement in the shoulder as a result of extensive acupuncture and chiropractic treatment. We have not managed a full recovery as hoped.

·         At this time she is safe to ride at a walk, is about 85% toward being sound, and her hoof shape and overall soundness has improved significantly. We have a definite adopter if we can bring her sound, and a possible adopter if she remains cleared only at the walk, but who is worried about both horse and human safety.

·         With your grant, we would be able to embark on one additional round of chiropractic/acupuncture work for her shoulder and, ideally, return her to a healthy horse with a normal career.

·         The costs listed above have been incurred to date.

·         An additional series would be an additional $250.

·         You can see how gorgeous she moves WHEN she is sound and feeling well, usually for a few days after being adjusted or having the acupuncture work help open those nerve channels.


Our sincerest thanks,
Crosswinds Equine, Rescue, Inc.
A 501c3 Illinois nonprofit corporation

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