What’s new at Adopt-a-Pet.com in January 2014

Posted by Jennifer on January 2nd, 2014
  • The Puppy Manual a free eBook for your adopters
  • Adopt-a-Pet.com sees a 25% increase in traffic
  • Three new magazines + fundraising tool
  • New “Donate” feature on Facebook
  • Veterinary Care Fund grant applications now closed
  • Purina continues to help feed homeless dogs and cats

Happy new year! We are looking forward to what 2014 has in store for our nonprofit website service and all of you, our shelters and rescues, to help you get more pets adopted! If you need assistance with any of our features, please email me at jennifer@adoptapet.com


The Puppy Manual a free eBook for your adopters

Puppy training and socialization can help keep puppies and dogs in their homes for life. With that in mind, we created The Puppy Manual, a free download you can distribute to all your puppy adopters! The Puppy Manual covers basic training and socialization with easy-to-follow steps. It is for puppies from 8 weeks up to 6 months old, and comes in three formats: PDF or e-reader (both totally free), and Kindle a 99-cent download at Amazon. If you’d like to write a review on Amazon, we’d really appreciate it! We will have a free Cat and Kitten Manual too, coming soon.

Download any of the three formats of The Puppy Manual here:



Adopt-a-Pet.com sees a 25% increase in traffic

Adopting shelter pets has been high on many families’ holiday lists this year. Here at Adopt-a-Pet.com, North America’s largest non-profit pet-adoption search engine, we’ve seen a 25% increase in traffic over the past 30 days compared to the same period last year.  That’s an extra 700,000 people who have come to the website, searching for a pet to adopt from you, their local animal shelter or rescue! We’ve heard from many of you that you’ve seen an increase in the number of potential adopters inquiring about the pets you have listed on your Adopt-a-Pet.com accounts too. Find out more in our full press release here:




Three new magazines + fundraising tool

Good news for shelters and rescues! Three new publications aimed at helping the animal welfare community are coming out in early 2014, all from I-5 Publishing.  One will be for animal welfare professionals, and two will be for adopters and supporters.  In addition to being filled with information of-interest to all of us who are passionate about helping homeless pets, I-5 Publishing is soliciting your ideas and articles, and is also offering shelters and rescues the ability to sell print copies of the magazine as a fundraising tool. Read more herehttp://shelterblog.adoptapet.com/2013/12/three-new-rescue-mags/ or you can visit http://www.readysetrescue.com.



New “Donate” feature on Facebook

Facebook announced they’ve started to roll out a new feature called Donate that lets people contribute directly to nonprofits through Facebook! So far, only 19 nonprofit Facebook pages have the new Donate feature (you can see the list here),  but Facebook says “they will make it available to more organizations soon. Any nonprofit group that is interested in tapping into this new feature on Facebook can fill out the Donate interest form in the Facebook Help Center.” Here’s the link to that form:


The 2013 Adopt-a-Pet.com Veterinary Care Fund grant program is now closed. During the first two weeks of January we will be distributing the $10,000 in ten grants of $1,000 each to help US and Canadian shelters and rescues with their veterinary costs. We’ll post the recipients here: http://www.adoptapet.com/shelterblog/category/grants/veterinary-care-fund/ and we’ll be contacting the recipients directly as well. Thank you to everyone who applied, your stories and photos have been absolutely incredible! We are so proud to be able to help you in the amazing pet-saving work you do.



Your pet list on your website or Facebook 

Would you like all the adoptable pets you have listed on your Adopt-a-Pet.com account to appear on your own website, blog, or Facebook page?  It’s easy! And it updates instantly too, the minute you mark a pet as adopted, hidden, or deleted, the pet disappears immediately.

For your website: http://www.adoptapet.com/shelter/portable_pet_list/create

For a Facebook page:  http://shelterblog.adoptapet.com/2011/08/add-your-pet-list-to-your-facebook-page/

For WordPress: http://www.adoptapet.com/shelterblog/2014/01/add-your-pet-list-in-wordpress/


Purina continues to help feed homeless dogs and cats

Our friends at Purina® Pets for People continue to help shelters and rescue groups with donations feeding over 66,000 dogs and cats in 2013!

Purina’s support of animal welfare takes the form of Animal Welfare Support programs for non-profit organizations, described in detail on www.PetsforPeople.com. Their programs such as Purina® Pets for 55+, Pro Plan® Rally to Rescue® and the Purina ONE® Pet Welfare Program are dedicated to providing support for local animal welfare organizations in their efforts to find homes for adoptable animals.

Occasionally the Nestlé Purina PetCare Company may have food donations available in your area. When you register your organization on www.PetsforPeople.com you will be automatically considered for any food donations that become available near you. During 2012, Purina donated more than $13 million in pet food and litter. In addition, should your organization be affected by a natural disaster, Purina may be able to provide food to help feed your organization’s animals during your time of need.



And, of course… As always, we thank the wonderful, pet-loving people at Purina and Bayer Animal Health for supporting all of us in our mission and making Adopt-a-Pet.com a free service!

That’s all our news for this month. We’d love to hear what’s going on with you too, so please stop by our pages on Facebook for Shelter Pros, Twitter, and Pinterest to say a virtual hello!
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