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Posted by Jennifer on December 5th, 2013
  • New! Adopt-a-Pet.com Pro page on Facebook
  • 50 great reasons to post your pets
  • Spread the word to other shelters and rescues
  • 2013 Veterinary Care Fund grant deadline is December 31
  • Add an instantly-updating list of your adoptable pets to your website or Facebook page
  • Purina continues to help feed homeless dogs & cats
We hope you’re having a wonderful adoption-filled holiday season! Our mission is to help you, our shelters and rescues, get more pets adopted. If you need assistance with any of our features, please email me at jennifer@adoptapet.com. Yappy howlidays!
New! Adopt-a-Pet.com PRO page on Facebook
You know how much we like to hear your suggestions and feedback! So we created a public forum for you to share your helpful ideas, questions, and anything you think would help other shelters and rescues who use Adopt-a-Pet.com — the Adopt-a-Pet.com Pro page on Facebook! We invite you “like” the page and join the conversation, or just stop by to say hi or see what’s going on, at https://www.facebook.com/adoptapetpro
50 great reasons to post your pets
In the spirit of holiday countdowns, we present you with… 50 great reasons to post your pets on Adopt-a-Pet.com! They are fun and informative to read, even if you are already posting pets on your account. Wait till you see #33! http://www.adoptapet.com/50reasons
Spread the word to other shelters and rescues
You’re reading this because you care about helping pets find homes. Here’s an easy way you can help even more pets that doesn’t cost you anything other than a minute of your time! While 13,501 shelters and rescues already have accounts on Adopt-a-Pet.com, there are still a few that aren’t yet taking full advantage of our free pet-promotion service by listing their adoptable pets. You can help the pets in their care by letting them know about how well Adopt-a-Pet.com has worked for you and your pets. You can share the 50 Great Reasons with them, or send an email to jennifer@adoptapet.com to let us know how to call or email them, so we can offer our help. Thank you in advance for spreading the word so more pets can be adopted!
The 2013 Adopt-a-Pet.com Veterinary Care Fund grant program is only open through December 31, 2013 so apply now! We have $10,000 to give away in ten grants of $1,000 each to help US and Canadian shelters and rescues with their veterinary costs. Here’s how to apply: http://shelterblog.adoptapet.com/2013/10/vcf-grant-app/
We’ll announce the recipients here (and, of course, we’ll contact the recipients directly as well). Thank you so much for all you do! We’re proud to be able to help you with your pet-saving work.



Add an instantly-updating list of your adoptable pets to your website or Facebook page 

Would you like all the adoptable pets you have listed on your Adopt-a-Pet.com account to appear on your own website, blog, or Facebook page?  It’s easy! And it updates instantly too, the minute you mark a pet as adopted, hidden, or deleted, the pet disappears immediately from everywhere else too!

For your website, you can use our customizable Portable Pet List tool. Just pick your preferred layout, colors, and sort order, and boom! The code is instantly generated for you to copy and paste into your website’s HTML: http://www.adoptapet.com/shelter/portable_pet_list/create

For your Facebook page, follow our step-by-step iFrame instructions here:  http://shelterblog.adoptapet.com/2011/08/add-your-pet-list-to-your-facebook-page/



Purina continues to help feed homeless dogs and cats

Our friends at Purina® Pets for People continue to help shelters and rescue groups with donations feeding over 66,000 dogs and cats in 2013!

Purina’s support of animal welfare takes the form of Animal Welfare Support programs for non-profit organizations, described in detail on www.PetsforPeople.com. Their programs such as Purina® Pets for 55+, Pro Plan® Rally to Rescue® and the Purina ONE® Pet Welfare Program are dedicated to providing support for local animal welfare organizations in their efforts to find homes for adoptable animals.

Occasionally the Nestlé Purina PetCare Company may have food donations available in your area. When you register your organization on www.PetsforPeople.com you will be automatically considered for any food donations that become available near you. During 2012, Purina donated more than $13 million in pet food and litter. In addition, should your organization be affected by a natural disaster, Purina may be able to provide food to help feed your organization’s animals during your time of need.



And, of course… As always, we thank the wonderful, pet-loving people at Purina and Bayer Animal Health for supporting all of us in our mission and making Adopt-a-Pet.com a free service!

That’s all our news for this month. We’d love to hear what’s going on with you too, so please stop by our pages on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest to say a virtual hello!


Looking to delete a publicist (i.e. admin login) or a shelter/rescue account? Email jennifer@adoptapet.com and she’ll be happy to help you with that!

To learn more about Purina’s support of animal welfare organizations around the U.S., and to see if you are eligible, visit www.purinashelterchampions.com

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