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Posted by Jennifer on December 5th, 2013

Good news for shelters and rescues! Three new publications aimed at helping the animal welfare community are coming out in early 2014, all from I-5 Publishing. In addition to being filled with information of-interest to all of us who are passionate about helping homeless pets, I-5 Publishing is offering shelters and rescues the ability to sell print copies of the magazine as a fundraising tool. Find out more about each of the three magazines and the fundraising offer below!

  1. Ready, Set, Rescue (published annually) is a step-by-step guide that walks new / prospective owners through choosing adoption over buying, picking the right pet, bringing them home and getting them successfully transitioned into a forever home. It aims to increase adoption by fighting the stereotype that rescue pets are “broken”, make pet ownership less intimidating for first time adopters, and reduce owner relinquishment through education: walking them through training, showing them where to find resources and inspiring them with success stories.
  2. Rescue Me (published bimonthly) is a celebration what happens when rescue goes right: heartwarming stories, how animal lovers can get involved and a call to give back to the organizations and people who work day in and day out to take care of these beautiful animals.
  3. Rescue Me PRO (published quarterly) will be a trade newsletter for those who work and volunteer in the community – sharing best practices, marketing ideas, tax advice, etc. – so we can all share and learn more about the business of animal welfare.

Both Rescue Me and Rescue Me PRO would like to receive content from you! If you’re interested, please send an email to and they will send you information on when and how to submit your story.

In addition to being excellent educational resources, Ready, Set, Rescue and Rescue Me are set up to provide fundraising opportunities. Printed magazines are available for you to sell. They are packaged in polybagged sets (one copy of Ready, Set, Rescue with a free trial issue of Rescue Me) of 10 including a counter display. The “Rescue Me Go Pak” is available to shelters and rescues for $30 and has a retail value of $120, and contains $180 worth of product. Additionally, $19.95 of each $29.95 subscription generated from the included issues of Rescue Me will be donated back to the originating organization – every year, for as many years as they continue to subscribe. More information is available at or you can contact their director of marketing Lisa MacDonald at with questions.

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