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50 Reasons to Post Pets on

Posted by Jennifer on November 21st, 2013

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  1. We get your pets seen: Every month, over two million potential adopters visit looking for a new family member.
  2. We email adopters about your available pets: Our “Search Saver” feature lets adopters save their searches. So, every time you add a new pet to, we email a link and photo of the pet to people in your area who have told us they’re looking for that exact kind of pet to adopt. We send out about 4 million of these “We found a pet for you” emails every month!
  3. We power pet searches on other high-traffic web sites, helping your pets get seen by even more adopters! And YOU control exactly where your pets appear. Partners currently include PetSmart Charities,,, and three VERY exciting brand-new partners about to be announced!
  4. We’re growing and growing:’s traffic grows on average by a 500,000 visitors every year.
  5. Our pet search results are designed to make people fall in love: When an adopter searches for a specific type of pet, we show exact matches first, and then we show as many “related” pets (a similar breed or size) as possible. We know that when people see photos, they’re likely to fall in love, so we take every opportunity to show them your pets.
  6. We get your pets seen: 40,000 people per day run a search for a pet on
  7. We’re super user-friendly: Shelters and rescuers tell us all the time that our site is super easy-to-use. Adding pets is a breeze!
  8. We’re non-profit, fully dedicating all of our resources to helping you find loving adopters for homeless pets.
  9. We get your pets seen by different audiences: We get your pets in front of people who don’t know about adoption. Over 3 million visits per year come from people who are looking for certain kinds of pets “for sale” or to “buy” on Google, but we get them to come to our website and see you have those kind of pets for adoption too.
  10. Add YouTube videos to your pet listings.  Videos are a great adoption tool, and we make it easy to showcase your videos with no extra uploading required.
  11. Upload your pets automatically: Automatically upload and manage your pet listings from your shelter software, your own database, Shelter Exchange, or the Pet Adoption Portal.
  12. We have great social media tools for you! Easy sharing of your pets on Facebook and Twitter – right from your admin Pet List or using the icons on the pet’s public page.
  13. Did we mention we get your pets seen? 27 people per minute run a pet search at
  14. We love to give you money! In 2013 we funded two grant programs, one for helping your adoption programs, the other to help with your veterinary costs. Thanks our sponsors, in the past four years, we’ve given away $85,000 in cash grants to shelters and rescues in the US and Canada.
  15. We love to help other people give you money!  If you accept donations on your web site or via PayPal, every single one of your pets’ profiles can feature a “donate” link so visitors can easily support your great work.
  16. You can feature your pet list on Facebook: Add your adoptable pet list to your Facebook page in a custom tab.
  17. Display your pets on your own website…the way YOU want them to look:We offer a customizable “Portable Pet List” that allows you to select the colors and layout, then copy and paste the custom code into your website or blog. Or use our Pet List API to REALLY get custom!
  18. Great printable kennel cards and “Adopt me!” flyers: It’s easy to print individual kennel cards or adoption flyers. Print them for individual pets or batch print all of them!
  19. Aaand…we get your pets seen: Shelters and rescues pets’ pages are viewed 60 million times per year.
  20. Ongoing media opportunities for your pets:  We work with media outlets like CNN,, and every week to help them feature adoptable pets from Your pets could be featured next!
  21. We get our celebrity friends to promote your pets: From regional billboard campaigns starring sports heroes to national public service announcements featuring movie stars, we get influencers to spread the word about, bringing more and more people to see your available pets.
  22. Facebook “Five O’Clock Cuteness”: Every day, we feature an adoptable pet on our Facebook page, which reaches hundreds of thousands of adopters.
  23. Money-saving opportunities: We work with our sponsors to save you money on products you need: Members of our shelter network receive access to exclusive discount programs through our generous sponsors.
  24. Our customer service is second to none: Need technical assistance? You can count on us to get back to you right away! We know that any delay in displaying your pets can mean missed adoption opportunities, so when you need help, we’re there for you.
  25. We love your ideas: Have an idea for something that might help you? It just might be our next new feature.
  26. Our breed-specific search pages are designed to educate our visitors that pets aren’t just a set of breed traits, they are a fully formed set of unique personalities and traits and every pet is always unique.
  27. We’re the most-”liked” pet adoption website on Facebook - letting potential pet adopters know they can use to find their next pet!
  28. We educate the public about what rescue really is and help them to understand the tough work rescuers and shelter workers do, which helps foster respect and understanding.
  29. We’re working towards improving pet retention and lowering adoption return rates by educating the public about adopting and owning a pet through blog articles and printable handouts written by vets, trainers, and rescue pros.
  30. See weekly and monthly statistics for all of your available pets so you know which pets are being viewed and clicked on, and so you can experiment with different main photos  to increase the percentage of adopters clicking on your pets’ thumbnails.
  31. We don’t overwhelm you with emails: We respect your time and your inbox, so we’ll only email you as little as once a month with your monthly pet stats and any important news (like new features or grants available to you). You can choose to be emailed with your weekly stats and about new volunteers in your area, but those are all optional.
  32. The more photos the better, so feel free to include up to 4 photos for each adoptable pet.
  33. We help you find volunteers: Access the volunteer database of 33,924 volunteers who’ve registered and are waiting to hear from you. You’ll find everything from transport volunteers to grant writers to foster homes!
  34. Advertise your own volunteer opportunities: You can add volunteer opportunities that can be seen by volunteers in the volunteer database. That can be ongoing volunteer needs or for one-time events, and you can specific which publicist receives replies.
  35. Get notified about new volunteers…or don’t: Opt in or out of receiving email alerts when any new volunteers sign up in your area.
  36. All pets are welcome! Post all types of adoptable pets, from dogs and cats to horses and goats and snakes and guinea pigs.
  37. You can search nationally for your species or breed: Adopters (and you) can search locally, or if they select a specific breed, they can search nationwide. So, if you’re a breed rescuer, or you rescue a specific type of animal, you can look for pets in need in shelters across the country.
  38. Show off your successes: Choose to save adopted pets in a sharable Adopted Pets list.
  39. Cute graphic links to your pet listings: You can easily grab code for adorable “See our pets!” graphics that link directly to your pet list.
  40. Choose the appropriate contact for each pet: Have different contacts in your organization for dogs and cats? Do you prefer that your foster homes be contacted directly about pets in their care? No problem.  Add all of your various contacts to your “My Pet Contacts” list and then choose the appropriate one for each new pet you upload.
  41. Temporarily hide your pets without having to delete them: If you have an adoption pending, a medical issue that renders a pet temporarily unavailable, or you need to remove a pet from public view for any reason, it’s easy to temporarily hide any of your pet listings and then re-activate them with a click!
  42. Add or edit pets from your smartphone: our admin area is coded to be able to be used on most smartphones.
  43. Add pet photos from your phone: Do you use your phone to take pet photos?  No need to upload them to your computer. You can easily add photos directly from your phone by emailing them to your unique Mobile Uploads email address.
  44. Add and remove pets instantly! When you manually add or remove a pet in the admin area, that pet appears instantly (or is instantly removed) in search results and on your pet list.
  45. QR codes for your pets: Download a unique QR code for any pet from the promote menu on your Pet List.
  46. Use Pet Templates to save time: Save frequently-used pet descriptions as templates to make adding new pets even faster!
  47. Adoption inquiry forms: Use our adoption inquiry form so that emails from adopters automatically include a link to that pet’s listing and their ID#, or opt-out of that option instantly at any time.
  48. Easily add additional locations: if you’re a national or multi-location organization, you can easily add new accounts, linked under one login (or not), each with their unique city, state, zip and contact information, so your pets are seen where your pets are available!
  49. We LOVE what you do (and we do it, too!): is made up of a small team of people, and we all have a background in animal welfare. Many of us still volunteer at animal shelters and for rescue groups and provide foster homes for animals in need. We understand the challenges you face and that helps us develop features that you need.
  50. A Facebook page just for you: We have a brand-new “ Pro” Facebook page so that you can easily talk to us and we can talk right back.  We’ll have lots of resources about best practices, discussions about issues that are important to you, and great advice from us and other animal welfare professionals, too.  Meet us there at!

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