2013 Happy Beginnings Grant Recipient #5

Posted by Jennifer on July 23rd, 2013

A huge thank you to all the many shelters and rescues who are applying for grants, with their wonderful stories and photos of the abandoned pets they are helping go from homeless to adopted! Since we can’t publish them all, we’re just sharing the grant recipients’ stories here on our Shelter Blog. Here’s our 5th recipient…

Congratulations to the 5th $1,000 grant recipient from the 2013 Adopt-a-Pet.com Happy Beginnings FundHere’s how this grant will help their adoptions program create more Happy Beginnings for homeless pets like Callie… don’t miss the photos at the end!

S.A.V.E. Rescue Coalition
Santa Fe, TX

  • Describe how a $1,000 grant will help your adoptions program create more Happy Beginnings for homeless pets.

We have just completed construction of a completely self contained air conditioned adoption trailer. This trailer provides a “storefront” for rescue groups to use to showcase their animals when they use this vehicle. In the Houston, Texas area, the weather shuts down many adoption venues because the heat is so hard on the animals, the volunteers and the customers. By providing an air conditioned space for all, we hope to increase the summertime adoptions. Our trailer is set up with upper and lower kennels and we can accommodate both dogs and cats. We would use the grant that is available to complete the graphics for the outside of the trailer so that it would also act as a rolling billboard for the adoption events and for adopting a pet in general. Although the trailer was built by SAVE Rescue, we intend to share this resource with other rescue groups to maximize the effectiveness of this valuable asset. We have already used it at two events, which resulted in 3 adoptions. We have taped our signs to the trailer [SEE PHOTO BELOW] but a professional graphics design would be the finishing touch to a great resource. We expect that having this trailer as a comfortable, professional venue for adoption events will increase our summertime adoptions dramatically. And in Texas summer goes from June to October. This trailer also has heat so it will serve us well in the winter months. With eye catching graphic, people will be attracted to the trailer and once there will be able to visit with the animals in comfort. We believe that more animals can be saved year round with our trailer. I hope you will consider us for a grant to complete this project.

  • Tell us your favorite “Happy Beginnings” story about a pet you adopted into a loving home!

One of our favorite “Happy Beginnings” tale is of Callie, a small maltese mix. Callie was abandoned with what are believed to be her daughters in a trailer park in a small town outside of Houston. The three pups were filthy, cold and tired, but glad to be in the pound. The small pound filled up quickly and their time was up, so a volunteer called us and asked if we could take them. We took in all three and the two younger ones were adopted shortly afterward together to a wonderful family. Little Callie had a very bad skin condition and battled it for three months, going from a mangy, ragged pup to a budding beauty. Her trouble was not up yet, as she was taken on a sleepover by a couple but returned as her skin issue had still not completely resolved. No one could figure out why her face would not heal. Finally, one of our great vets, looked at her teeth and she had a very bad abscess that was continually breaking through to the skin on her face. Mystery solved. The tooth came out and she was really on the mend this time. Throughout all of this she was a little trooper, never grumpy and always loving to her foster mom and family. Her hair on her face was still growing in but we decided that it was time to go out and meet the public again. We had our new trailer out for the second time and Callie was at the event. She was out getting ready to take a walk when this lovely couple walked in. They were there to see another dog but their eyes fell on Callie, with her slightly crooked smile and it was love at first sight. Callie had found her forever home. After some questions, an application, and a meet and greet with her new Doxie brother, Callie went “home” for the first time in months. She came back to visit a few days later, and although she was still very friendly, she was ready to go back to her “mom” right away. She knew she was where she was meant to be. As her foster mom, I missed her so much, but was so glad that she had found her very own home.

Attached are pictures of Callie at the shelter, during her recovery and with her new family. Also pictures of our adoption trailer at a recent event. I hope you will consider us for one of the grants that are available. Thank you for your consideration.

Callie and her pups at the shelter

Callie healing

Callie and her new family

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