2012 Grant Recipient #20: Friends of Randolph Animal Pound

Posted by Jennifer on October 30th, 2012

Congratulations to Friends of Randolph Animal Pound the 20th $1,000 grant recipient from the 2012 Adopt-a-Pet.com $20,000 Veterinary Care Fund! We are so moved by the amazing lengths rescues and shelters go to give homeless pets a chance at getting healthy so they can be adopted – and think you will be too! We’re sharing the recipients’ stories here on our Shelter Blog. Here’s how a this grant will change the life of a pet or pets in their care:

Friends of Randolph Animal Pound
Randolph, NJ


Dear Friends at Adoptapet.com,
I have spoken to member of your organization on several occasions as The Friends of Randolph Animal Pound has been active for over 10 years.  Not only do we support the animals of the Randolph Animal Pound (which does animal control for 5 towns, we help people retain their pets by offering vet care so that pets can remain in their homes and not be surrendered to a shelter.  The Friends of Randolph Animal Pound, Inc. are ALL VOLUNTEERS.  Not one person is on payroll so all money goes directly to help animals in need.  We have been active in Katrina Rescue and hoarding situations and some of our members (including me) are on the County Animal Rescue Team – to rescue pets during emergencies.

We also have an extensive foster program and do off-site pet adoptions and education of the public every Saturday. We are a no-kill shelter. Every single animal is treated with dignity respect and spayed/neutered.  Most of the animals we receive have been neglected and have medical issues.  We treat every single one so that they will have a good quality of life.  We offer free pit bull spay/neuter for those in need and also help others with their vet bills and spay/neuter.  We help senior citizens with vetting and transportation for their pets when necessary.  We have an extensive TNR program and support over 150 cats per week.  We have a pet food bank at our shelter for those that cannot afford pet food in these economic times – so that they can retain their pets and not surrender them.

The $1,000 grant will go directly to our medical account so that we can treat more pets.  Not only do we treat all of our pets at the Randolph Animal Pound, we will help as many others as we can.  We want every pet to have a good quality of life and not live in pain and discomfort.
Pictured:  Cat – Huey – his owners left him outside with a wounded and infected eye. We took Huey into our foster home and had his eye removed (and the rest of the vetting done).  Huey was recently adopted and will be an inside only cat.
-  Dog – Lambchop – Lambchop has a similar story to Huey as we found her outside with one infected eye, matted and starving.  Lambchop is in a permanent foster home.
-  Cat – Wally – I received a call from a lady that I helped TNR and there was a cat with a compound fracture where she worked – the bone was sticking out of his leg.  We took Wally into our vet and had to remove his leg. He stayed in the hospital for 6 weeks and now he is the “building” cat where she works and all the employees take care of him.
-  Doggies – that is Vinnie – our chief dog walking volunteer!
-  Dog – another pet named “Wally”  -  Wally’s pelvis was kicked into his rectum before we found him.  The vet did not give him much hope so we took Wally into a foster home so he will be comfortable.  However, he is thriving.  He gained 2 pounds and plays with the other pets. Every day is a blessing.  (Wally must be bathed every day as he goes to the bathroom on his legs but he loves every minute!)
- last two pictures of pets (Checkers, mother cat and kittens – adopted – Chelsea – adopted).
-  Lastly, our shelter – nothing fancy – just a building for the dogs and a trailer for the cats – plus lots of love and volunteers.

Even if we don’t receive the grant, thank you for your wonderful website.  You have saved many pets – I have been doing this for many years and the internet has made a big difference in the lives of homeless animals.

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