Veterinary Care Fund $50,000 grants in 2011

Posted by Jennifer on June 6th, 2011

Thanks to Purina Veterinary Diets®, gave away $50,000 to shelters and rescues to help homeless pets! The Veterinary Care Fund provided twenty-five grants, totaling $50,000, to U.S. and Canadian animal welfare organizations. The application process opened in June 2011 and closed in November 2011. One grant of $2,000 was awarded each week during those 25 weeks. See the grant recipients below.

Our 2011 grant program is complete. Thank you for all your submissions!

We will announce a new grant program in 2012.

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….See how the grants helped save lives!


Grant Recipient #25: Hope Animal Rescues “We are a non-profit corporation and our mission is one of compassion for the homeless, rehabilitation for the physically and mentally abused.” Click to see how the grant will help rescued pets!
Grant Recipient #24: Five Acres Animal Shelter “We care for and provide homes for over 500 cats and dogs each year, and when space allows, we travel to other shelters to retrieve animals that are scheduled for euthanasia.” Click to see how the grant will help special needs pets!
Grant Recipient #23: Molly’s Mutts & Meows “Each year we rescue over 100 dogs and cats from Los Angeles-area shelters, saving pets that most urgently need help. This includes the gravely ill, the elderly, the overlooked, and the unwanted.” Click to see how the grant will help mutts & meows!
Grant Recipient #22: Tenth Life Cat Rescue “We specialize in, and prioritize admission of, cats who need veterinary care that is often prohibitively expensive for other organizations to handle.” Click to see how the grant will help cats in need!
Grant Recipient #21: Lucky Dog Rescue “I rescue many special needs dogs, former bait dogs, and those who are ill, and provide them with all of the vet care and love that they need, before sending them to amazing adopters.” Click to see how the grant will help lucky dogs!
Grant Recipient #20: Young at Heart Pet Rescue “Help senior pets like “Filbert” and “Fantasia” get a second chance, and allow Young at Heart Pet Rescue to free up medical funds for more senior dogs and cats in need.” Click to see how the grant will help senior dogs and cats!
Grant Recipient #19: Animal Advocates of Moore County “A $2000.00 grant to us would be a miracle and would help assist us with the present tornado victims in our care. [We] rescued dogs and cats from Sanford, Lee County when a tornado came through the area destroying 6,600 homes.” Click to see how the grant will help tornado victims!
Grant Recipient #18: The Animal Care Center of St. John “A $2,000 grant will change the life of pets in St. John by providing veterinary care, spay and neutering services for cats and dogs that are abandoned, given check-ups and treatment, then placed for adoption.” Click to see how the grant will help the animals of St. John!
Grant Recipient #17: Kingston Animal Rescue “Our organization took in 25 rabbits [a grant] would provide vital medical care and would mean the world for these bunnies, who until now have never known the love and care they deserve. ” Click to see how the grant will help 25 rabbits!
Grant Recipient #16: Tri County Humane Society “We would use this $2,000 for emergency heartworm treatment. Two dogs we recently rescued from Kill-Shelters tested positive for heartworm. We would also use these funds to rescue animals from Kill-Shelters that need to be treated for demodex mange.” Click to see how the grant will help the dogs at Tri County!
Grant Recipient #15: Homeless Animals Rescue Team, HART “HART seeks to end suffering where ever we find it. A grant from Purina and would contribute to Gypsy’s costs and certainly help us give Missy the care and peace she deserves.” Click to see how the grant will help the animals at HART!
Grant Recipient #14: DFW Pug Rescue Club Inc “Any funds that exceed Nathan’s critical care hospital and surgical expenses will be used for future pugs needing extraordinary medical care. Liver shunts, car accidents, emergency treatments and lifesaving surgeries.” Click to see how the grant will help many pugs!
Grant Recipient #13: Habitat for Horses “Our resources are down and the number of horses in our care is going up due to the economy… There are medicines that will help but we’re having trouble coming up with the money.” Click to see how the grant will help many horses!
Grant Recipient #12: Diabetic Cats in Need “These are not unusual stories. These conditions are common for the diabetic cats we save. A grant of $2,000 would help DCIN save several Sweet Potatoes and Angels.” Click to see how the grant will help so many cats!
Grant Recipient #11: Precious Paws Asian and Small Breed Dog Rescue “Our group has consistently taken in the “most needy” rescues. Ones with major medical needs. We also rescue many puppy mill dogs.” Click to see how the grant will help so many dogs!
Grant Recipient #10: Here Kitty Kitty Adoptions “Donations are scarce…. while the need for our services is greater than ever, we have never got as many phone calls (40-50 a day), and request for help.” Click to see how the grant will help kitties and dogs too!
Grant Recipient #9: Gateway Pet Guardians “Often, the animals that we encounter are the victims of abuse and neglect and in dire need of veterinary attention. Veterinary costs are the number one expense for our organization and $2,000 could go a long way in providing life-saving care for these animals.” Click to see how the grant will provide life-saving care!
Grant Recipient #8: Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village “This grant that will truly change the lives of 10 wonderful cockatiels. They aren’t flashy, but they deserve the best life we can give them.” Click to see how the grant will help save birds lives!
Grant Recipient #7: For All Time Cat Haven “Many of the cats that come here are in need of spay/neutering or worse, they suffer from various injuries…” Click to see how the grant will help save cats lives!
Grant Recipient #6: Cane Corso Rescue “We have over 30 dogs in rescue right now and many more that need to be brought in…. here are the stories of two…” Click to see how the grant will help dogs be healthy and pain free!
Grant Recipient #5: Healing Hearts Small Animal Rescue, Inc. “We are a small rescue… This grant would help us to continue to provide the medical treatment that some severely injured animals like Angel and Ms. Kitty have needed to survive.” Click to see how the grant will help severely injured animals!
Grant Recipient #4: Pampered Pets Animal Rescue “We routinely encounter animals that have required more than standard veterinary care. Here are just a few of our more complex – and expensive – cases…” Click to see how the grant will help cats, kittens, puppies, dogs, rabbits and baby bunnies!
Grant Recipient #3: Siberian Husky Club of Greater New York, Inc. “Our most recent rescue is certainly in need of love and care and his presence on is the stepping stone he needs to realize this opportunity.” Click here find out more!
Grant Recipient #2: Greyhound Friends of New Jersey, Inc.. “Of the more than 300 dogs helped each year by GFNJ, approximately 30 have life threatening illnesses or serious track injuries. A $2,000 grant from the Help program would be greatly appreciated and used to help a future greyhound in similar need. ” Click here find out more!
Grant Recipient #1: Midwest Animal ResQ. “With this amount, we could ensure a future for three deserving dogs currently in my care, as well as provide veterinary care for a litter of 8 puppies whose mother tragically died from the respiratory infection she contracted while at the pound. Let me tell you a little about each one…” Click here find out more!
New stories from our grant recipients will be posted here each week! See dozens more wonderful stories, photos, and videos from grant applicants here too.(NOTE: We are just posting SOME of the applicants’ submissions, randomly selected. If yours is not posted, it does not affect your chances of being a recipient.)
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