Grant Winner: Midwest Animal ResQ

Posted by Jennifer on June 13th, 2011

Congratulations to Midwest Animal ResQ! They are the first recipient of a $2,000 grant from the Purina Veterinary Diets® $50,000 Veterinary Care Fund.

We’ve received so many wonderful submissions for the the Purina Veterinary Diets® $50,000 Veterinary Care Fund! We were so moved by the amazing lengths rescues and shelters go to give homeless pets a chance at getting healthy so they can be adopted – and thought you would be too! So we’re sharing some of the submissions, and all of the finalists’ and recipients’ stories here. Here’s how they told us a $2,000 grant would (or, in the case of our recipients, WILL) change the life of a pet or pets in their care:

Midwest Animal ResQ
Lake Lotawana, MO 64086

Thank you so much for all you do to help shelters and rescues throughout the nation!  Your website has been central to my success in placing nearly 300 dogs in homes last year!  I am a “small” foster-home based rescue that is funded solely out of pocket.  We specialize in dogs facing euthanasia at local high kill shelters.  We take the dogs that are facing death, rehabilitate them, and find them wonderful homes.  This grant would be a tremendous opportunity for us to really help some dogs currently in our rescue, that are in desperate need of veterinary care. 100% of your grant would go directly to the care of these deserving dogs.  Please see the answers to your questions below!

A $2,000 grant would make such a difference!  With this amount, we could ensure a future for three deserving dogs currently in my care, as well as provide veterinary care for a litter of 8 puppies whose mother tragically died from the respiratory infection she contracted while at the pound.  Let me tell you a little about each one…

First on the list is Miss Twiggy.  She is a tiny Chihuahua, whose first year of life has been filled with neglect and pain.  This poor girl was confiscated by the city, on charges of neglect and cruelty, when she was found tied to a porch with a broken leg and no access to food or water.  She was grossly under-weight and didn’t have the energy to even stand.  Twiggy was then brought to the city pound, where she languished for her 5 day holding period with no medication.  She was set to be put down because of her poor condition.  I couldn’t stand to see this happen!  She has been in my care for 2 weeks now, and although it took lots of trial and error, she is now eating on her own.  She not only can stand now, but she can play!  She is sweet and loving, although she has no reason to be, she is a wonderful and resilient dog!  I have included her “before” picture, and am looking forward to an “after” picture, where she is a happy and healthy dog!  She needs surgery to correct her broken leg, your grant would make this happen for Twiggy!

Second is Ernest T Snort!  This wonderful pug was a breeding dog at one of Missouri’s puppy mills for his entire 7 years of life.  His poor little paws had never even felt grass beneath them.  He has lived his whole life as a commodity, with little or no veterinary care.  He is completely blind from cataracts and is desperate need of dental and eye surgery.  I have cared for many puppy mill dogs, but none as wonderful as Mr. Snort.  He is so loving, sweet, and playful.  He has more reason than most to be afraid and cautious, but he isn’t.  He loves to play “hide and seek” with his person, and snorts with delight once he finds you!  He loves rump rubs, and to carry around his favorite stuffed rabbit.  He has never experienced what it’s like to be a loved member of a family, and I want more than anything to make this happen for him;  your grant would help make this a reality for Mr. Snort!

Third is Darling Daisy, her story is heartbreaking as well.  Daisy was literally dumped, filthy and flea infested, on my front porch just days after giving birth to puppies.  She was heavy with milk, and sadly, heavy with heart worms as well.   She was terrified and sick, and so tired she could barely lift her head.  After a week her milk dried up, and she was ready for her painful heartworm treatment.  The vet was kind enough to start treatment on credit, however she has had complications, and we have racked up a very hefty bill.  She is still recovering from this terrible and preventable condition, and I can’t wait until she is healthy enough to go to a forever home!

Lastly is the litter of 8 mixed breed pups that were born at the city pound last month.  No medication or vaccinations are administered at this location, and sadly the heartworm positive mother fell victim to kennel cough and pneumonia.  Orphaned twice, we are giving the pups around the clock care, and they will soon be big enough for adoption.  I have included one their pictures “Bacon Bit” here for you to see.  Your grant would help get these pups the veterinary care they need to get them ready for adoption!

Thank you again for all you do, and thank you for your consideration for this generous grant!

“Adopting a dog saves a life!”

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