Grant Submission: VIVA – Volunteers For Inter Valley Animals

Posted by Jennifer on June 16th, 2011

We’ve received so many wonderful submissions for the the Purina Veterinary Diets® $50,000 Veterinary Care Fund! We were so moved by the amazing lengths rescues and shelters go to give homeless pets a chance at getting healthy so they can be adopted – and thought you would be too! So we’re sharing some of the submissions, and all of the finalists’ and recipients’ stories here. Here’s how a $2,000 grant would (or, in the case of our recipients, WILL) change the life of a pet or pets in their care:

VIVA – Volunteers For Inter Valley Animals
Pueblo, Colorado, 81008

The grant money could benefit us, and the pets we have in our care, in several ways!  Monetary needs to care for injured, abandoned and abused animals is always needed.  We are a small rescue, we have no shelter, and we currently have 4 Foster Homes available to us.  VIVA has no paid staff, so we can put our donations towards the care of the animals.  VIVA works with low income families – helping with spay/neuter, food, and medical care for those in need.  VIVA works with a vet to provide low cost spay/neuters.  VIVA also works with a local vet to help low income families get medical care for their pets.  VIVA pays for the office visit and most families can then work out a payment plan with the vet.  VIVA feels this way we can get medical care to animals whom otherwise may not get any treatment.  On occasion VIVA also will cover the cost of medical treatment in an emergency situation.  For instance, we helped a dog who had to have a large tumor removed from his stomach area. The family had no money to cover any of those medical costs, the dog had this tumor for over a year with no medical help.  VIVA also took in recently a dog found wandering in the prairie who had a leg that was mangled.  The vet figured it was an old injury and there was no choice but to amputate. He is a beautiful 2 year old gentle black lab we named “Jesse”.  Jesse now has a great home with the receptionist at the vet clinic!  Unfortunately Jesse, on top of all his problems, has tested positive for heartworm.  He will be starting treatment soon and should have a long happy life in his new home!  VIVA also helps with the feral cat problem by using a “trap, spay/neuter, release” program.  As Vice President of VIVA I specialize in senior and special needs animals.  I have 13 animals under my care all over the age of 11 years – the oldest being 15 years.  I have several here with cancer, one with congestive heart failure, one with Cushing’s, several deaf and blind ones, one with no right hip joint, one with luxating patella’s, and a cute pit pup we pulled out of the local shelter before she was to be euthanized.  She has HOD, a bone disease, and is deaf.  The grant money would go to many of these medical issues we deal with.

Every Saturday you can find VIVA at our local Pets Mart holding adoption fairs.  VIVA also lists our dogs needing homes on Adopt A  It’s all about the animals, and VIVA helps as many as we can. Thank you.

Photos: Little deaf pit pup with HOD…
Jesse with the leg amputation…
Tika, Chinese Crested with Cushing’s…

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