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Posted by Jennifer on June 16th, 2011

We’ve received so many wonderful submissions for the the Purina Veterinary Diets® $50,000 Veterinary Care Fund! We were so moved by the amazing lengths rescues and shelters go to give homeless pets a chance at getting healthy so they can be adopted – and thought you would be too! So we’re sharing some of the submissions, and all of the finalists’ and recipients’ stories here. Here’s how a $2,000 grant would (or, in the case of our recipients, WILL) change the life of a pet or pets in their care:

Ready for Rescue
New York, NY  10011

Ready for Rescue specializes in saving animals in the New York City shelter system that are often overlooked because of their injuries or illnesses. In 2009, we rescued Jack, a pit bull/mix who was found as a stray unable to walk. The shelter was going was going to put him down because no one else would step up for him. We found a foster home and then took him to a specialist who determined that Jack had a severely ruptured disc that required surgery. After the procedure, we visited Jack every day in the hospital and had to walk him with a harness as his back legs were completely non-functional. We also had to express him him as he could not go to the bathroom on his own.

It took 10 days but Jack’s hind legs started to show some improvement. And, I will never forget the day I came to visit him and he stood up on his own in his crate to greet me. Tears of joy literally erupted from my eyes. I opened the crate door, gave him a huge hug and we went on our first walk where, with support, Jack could actually walk . Over time, Jack started to walk better and better and wound up being fostered in a walk-up apartment able to do the stairs in his own. He now resides with an adopter who moved to Ecuador. He lives on a huge piece of land with several other dogs. Attached is a picture of me visiting him last year. I made a special trip to see him and was rewarded with him climbing into my bed and snuggling with me throughout the night. Your $2,000 grant would have really helped with the $10,000 cost of his care.

In 2010, because of our success with Jack, we rescued another pit bull named Kirby with a broken back after being hit by a car. She received back surgery and hydro-therapy. Like Jack, Kirby could not walk on her after the procedure and needed a harness to support her back legs. This You Tube video ( is the first time we saw Kirby walk on her own. An amazing moment. She is now in an incredible home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

These are the kinds of animals we rescue on a regular basis. Right now, we have a sweet Min Pin named Lionel who is suffering from a kidney condition that requires regular treatments for fluids and medications. He was found as a stray and wound up at the shelter. Like Jack and Kirby he was going to be euthanized because no other groups would take him. We took Lionel out for a day in the country and you can see that the treatment we are providing has him feeling pretty good. You can see him here:

Your grant will help Lionel and enable us to continue to save these highly adoptable animals who are suffering so greatly in the shelter system and stand little chance of getting out.

Thank you for your time.

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