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Posted by Abbie on March 10th, 2011

Through a Dog’s Ear Shelter Program offers one hour of clinically tested classical piano music free to dog advocacy groups, such as animal shelters and dog rescues. The music provided is Music to Calm Your Canine Companion, Vol 2. The qualifying factor for receiving the  free CD is you must be a non-profit facility that temporarily houses five or more dogs for adoption or placement, that has a music system of moderate quality or better.

Research has shown that classical music has the strongest relaxation effect on shelter dogs when compared to other musical styles. Based on these findings and their love of dogs, Through a Dog’s Ear believes that calming music should be in every shelter in America.

Here’s the details of the program as posted on their website as of June 2013:

  1. Music for the shelter. We provide an hour of clinically demonstrated music to be played in the shelters to reduce stress for dogs, visitors, and shelter staff.
  2. Music for adopters. If requested and approved, we also provide an initial number of free 1-hour CDs (up to 50) specifically to be included in adopter packets. Please look at this initial donation as the seeds of a long-term program. The only cost to your organization will be shipping. (Please note: Sounds True, our most generous publisher, donated 2,500 CD’s that have been sent to shelters/ rescues. We are currently seeking corporate sponsorship to continue phase 2.)
  3. Adoption packet continuation. We encourage your organization to continue the adoption packet inclusion of Music to Calm Your Canine Companion Vol. 3 after the initial donated allotment has been distributed. We will provide additional CDs at $5 per unit to approved non-profit facilities, plus shipping charges. (Retail is $15.)

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