THREE TIPS to maximize your pet adoption listings

Posted by Jennifer on January 14th, 2011

Shelters, rescuers, and volunteers! Here are three tips to increase the number of good adoption leads you get from your pet listings online. is North America’s most-visited nonprofit pet adoption website, with over 2 million visitors each month – so we have lots of experience that tells us these tips work!


When an potential adopter does a search on a pet adoption website and looks at the results page, the pet’s main photo and name are the first things they see. Here’s your chance to make your pet really stand out!’s research shows that the best eye-catching main photo is a close-up of the pet’s face. (Not too close though!) Here are additional photo tips:

  • Take the photo in the brightest light possible.
  • Have the pet wear a bright solid color bandanna.
  • Place a toy next to the pet.
  • Take the photo with grass or a soft solid bright color as the background.
  • Have a smiling person petting or holding the pet.
  • Make dogs run around first so they are “panting” and look like they are smiling!
  • Hold a treat right above the camera lens to get the pet to look right at you.. and really smile!


For online listings, shorter, easy-to-remember names work best. ALSO, you can use the name field to include a short attractive phrase like: “See My Video!”, “loves kids”, “fully trained”, or any other word or words that call out the best feature of that pet. Adopters will see that on their search results page, and be more likely to click on your pet!


A picture is worth a thousand words… but nothing captures a pet’s personality like a video! You only need 20 to 30 seconds… you can do it with most phones. On you add a pet’s video just by copying the video’s YouTube link into the video link field, no extra uploading time needed. We have a helpful blog article with more tips to take the best pet videos possible here:

Thanks and we look forward to seeing all your great pet photos and videos on!

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